Dealing with disappointment...

<p>Oh man. Ye ol' college life story. Came in as a bright-eyed, bushy-tailed freshman, eager and ready for the challenges of a new life. Dorms! Friends! Classes! No parents! Finished the year feeling tired, lonely, and friendless. </p>

<p>Came into sophomore year with new vigor. Made some really good close friends and started to really excel in my classes. I was ready to take control of my life and my responsibilities. Started the year strong, but ended it flat on my face. I was worked to the bone.</p>

<p>Came into junior year thinking that I had overcome the worst. I was wrong. This past fall nearly killed me. It took everything I had to keep up with my classes, even with spending every waking moment reading, studying, and reviewing. Came into this spring semester clinging to a desperate hope that the worst was forever over.</p>

<p>And here I am. A junior, three semesters away from graduating, and it feels like the world is falling out from beneath my feet. I feel like a big baby for feeling disappointed about how I've spent my time here, because I know I <em>should</em> feel privileged to be going to college at all. A lot of my out of state friends are now planning on graduating early because they can't afford to spend another semester or year here.</p>

<p>I might not be able to get my major because of my school's budget cuts (and consequently, my required classes being cut out). I spend 95% of my time studying, with no guarantee that it'll will reflect in my grades. (I wish I were exaggerating... but I'm not. -__-) </p>

<p>So my question is (mostly to upperclassmen or graduates), how did you deal with disappointments in college? Particularly at what feels like being at the cusp of graduation? The last thing I want to do is graduate with regrets...</p>

<p>I became bitter and cynical and take it out on the CC forums.</p>