Dealing with prejudice

<p>In this day and age I've rarely if ever have dealt with someone who truly did not like me based on my race maybe I'm naive but i kinda forgot people still felt like that but something happen today (I wont go into details) but someone honestly decided to not be my friend because I'm African american and now I'm like totally nervous that I'm going to end up a college with a million people like that does anyone else worry about things like this</p>

<p>It happens, but rarely. No need to spend time worrying about it. Such people are a dying breed and the vast majority those have hardly ever set foot on a college campus.</p>

<p>Thats good to know. Honestly the incident wasn't that bad it was just a person said to me "I'm smart for a black kid from Brooklyn" and I was honestly speechless</p>

<p>I find most "incidents" are really just someone saying something different from what they actually meant.</p>

<p>I wouldn't be surprised to find out the person truly respects your intelligence and merely stated it in an ignorant sounding way.</p>

<p>Besides, lumping people in groups is something we ALL do. Heck, even I have to admit lumping members of my races (biracial) into different groups and categories in a rather arbitrary manner. </p>

<p>Keep being smart and reminding all of us that our categories aren't real.</p>