Dealing with Suspension

<p>Hi All, I was recently suspended until the end of the 2011 Spring Semester from a very strong liberal arts college for breaking the stayed suspension rule (which entails suspension if broken) by using weed. Basically, I got caught doing weed the first time and doing it with paraphernalia the second time. I just got the news today and have been really depressed about it.</p>

<p>How badly have I jeopardized my chances for grad school or a good job? I was planning on med school but I'm not even sure about that. My school says I can't transfer in any credits from other schools during my suspension; however, I was thinking about transferring regardless because I don't like the school too much - so could I possibly go to a CC and transfer credits to a new school? Secondly, they said my suspension record is permanently on my academic transcript. However, I know in some schools suspensions can be removed via good behavior and positive signs when the student returns. If I transferred to a new school, is there any way my suspension could be removed? </p>

<p>Thank everybody</p>

<p>Bump.. can anyone help please?</p>