Dean College VS Goucher College (dance major)

Anyone have a dance (or any performing arts) major at either of these schools? They are shaping up to be my D20’s top two, and with the world as it is right now, she won’t be choosing based on in-person classes/visits/tours. I welcome any and all opinions on either school.

Cost is about the same for both, so that isn’t something we are considering.

Goucher offers a well-reputed dance program, and benefits from its National Liberal Arts Colleges standing. If other factors align, it would seem to be a good choice.

@merc81 at the moment Dean wins out on the dance front, actually, having more dance classes and performances opportunities, and nicer studios… but Goucher wins out on the everything not dance front. They’re pretty close together in her mind on all fronts though. Hence her current conundrum.

My daughter chose Goucher… just to close out the discussion. There was just no escaping that she has visited Goucher and loved the campus and a Dean visit to counter that just couldn’t happen.

@milgymfam: Wishing your daughter the best of luck at Goucher!

I’ll be a dance major at Goucher in the fall too!

@dance2024 congrats! My D is taking a gap year but you’ll both be in a small-ish major together for three years, so you’re sure to end up knowing one other. Has the school been good with communication about what’s going on and their plans for fall?