Deans Scholars Thread

<p>Who was at the Deans scholar weekend?
Are you going to go to NYU?
Post your stats and other acceptances in this thread.
What are your reasons for choosing/not choosing NYU?
Post your name if you want...we may have met.
My name: Jenny Brepbtin</p>

<p>I LOVE NYU, but want to know what you guys are debating between and I want to know what school would be a good match for me. I am debating between the NYU Deans scholar and Columbia... what are some pros and cons for each side?</p>

<p>anyone there?</p>

<p>I am a Dean's Scholar and I just decided to accpet NYU's offer this weekend. See you in the fall, I am an art major, I turned down Cooper Union which only accepts about 60 kids a year if thats any indication about what you should do in regard to Columbia.</p>

<p>I chose NYU over Columbia...i will see u in the fall</p>

<p>I am a DEANS scholar who turned down Columbia for NYU as well. I'll see you at NYU! I'm probably going to be a journalism or art history major.</p>