Dean's Scholarship at Tulane

<p>Hey, I'm a junior in high school that has never posted here before. I was just wondering what my chances would be of receiving the Dean's Honors scholarship at Tulane University. Thanks for your response...</p>

<p>I have a 32 on the ACT and a 3.7 GPA. This included scores of 35 in both English and Reading. I should be a three-year letterman on the football team after next season. I volunteer as an assistant basketball coach in a local kids basketball league. I have served as a sportswriter for the local newspaper and have had many articles published. I also won 5th place in a statewide essay contest this year. My GPA for my junior year has thus far been a 4.0 and I take the highest level core subjects allowed (for a junior) in every subject except for math. I have held the same job throughout high school since I was 14. I play guitar and I'm not that bad...</p>

<p>I doubt I will be able to afford Tulane unless I am able to obtain a full scholarship somehow. But it is definately where I want to go. I'll take the ACT one more time in the hopes of improving my comparatively low math score. Again, thanks for your imput.</p>

<p>And as I look over a few of the other threads, I notice that theirs are slightly more catagorized than mine. Tell me if you can't understand my explanation. The 4.0 I have this year is unweighted, BTW. I am also involved in several clubs (example: Honors Society), but there are a few of them and I'm not an officer in any of them...</p>