Dean's scholarship letters

<p>S2, who was accepted a couple of weeks ago, received a letter today awarding him a Dean's scholarship. We were surprised having thought scholarship season had past. This looks like a new wave of scholarship notices was sent out.</p>

<p>Congratulations! GREAT news!</p>

<p>what state do you live in?</p>

<p>We live in Washington.</p>

<p>yeah i was surprised to receive a scholarship letter a couple days ago (saturday i think) for the 1/4 associate’s scholarship.</p>

<p>holty001 and idad: Can you share what your GPA’s were and what department? I just got my acceptance today, but no $$ letter (yet). I also assumed that the scholarships had passed. Thanks</p>

<p>i think i’m on page 6 of the stats only thread.</p>