Dean's Scholarship moved to Presidential

<p>Has anyone ever heard of a Dean's Scholarship recipient being moved to a Presidential without being a National Merit Finalist? Any chance of this for a Dean's Scholar who was notified of admissions during the same time as the Presidential and Trustee Scholars? (the assumption being that those Dean's recipients must have been looked at for Presidential Scholarships)</p>

<p>Did this happen to you?</p>

<p>No it did not happen to me. Just wondering if anyone knows of it happening to anyone in the past. The National Merit recipients get Presidential scholarships without an interview so if USC didn't get the yield they thought they would for the Presidential scholarships I wonder if they move any of the Deans Scholarship recipients up.</p>

<p>No, I have never heard of that happening. The only movement between scholarships I have heard of is as a result of the interview process where Presidential candidates might be bumped up to Trustee or down to Dean's and Trustee candidates might be bumped down to Presidential or Dean's (there was also a "Director's Scholarship" this year for $12,000 that two candidates reported getting after the interviews).</p>

<p>The Trustee and Presidential scholarships are used as a recruiting tool to get the students offered the scholarships to attend USC. There would be no advantage to awarding "unused" scholarships to students who have already committed to USC - you have already been sufficiently recruited if you have enrolled.</p>

<p>Also, USC has for the last several years enrolled more than they planned of both Trustee and Presidential scholars. If you look at the scholarship info page USC</a> Financial Aid - Grants & Scholarships - Undergraduate - Freshmen Only Scholarships you will see that they target 100 Trustee Scholarships and 200 Presidential. Last year, 132 Trustee Scholars and 288 Presidential Scholars accepted USC offer of admission and enrolled. So the yield is not a problem. <a href=""&gt;;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>A few weeks ago a poster (can't remember who - sorry!) said that someone asked if unused scholarships were redistributed later at an Explore session and the answer from the admission officer was "No, USC just saves that money."</p>

<p>Sorry I don't have better news.</p>

<p>Congratulations on the Dean's scholarship!</p>