Dean's Scholarship

Has anyone hear back, either way, on the decisions on the Dean’s Scholarship? If so, when and how did you hear? I know that finalists have their interviews at the end of this month.

Thanks in advance!

I haven’t heard anything from anyone about getting info back… Hopefully this week?

Have not heard anything.

My son went to Saint Joe’s on Monday, February 8 to ‘walk with a Hawk’ and was told letters regarding the Dean’s scholarship were going out on Friday, February 12.

Thanks for the updates. Best wishes everyone!

We live in South Jersey. Nothing in the mail today.

I live in PA and haven’t gotten anything yet… Man I’m really hoping. I thought I wrote a good essay and my SAT is 1420, but who knows.

Nothing in the mail today.

We’re outside of Philly and my son hasn’t received anything one way or the other yet either.

Still nothing in the mail.

I wonder if mail will be sent out next week and maybe interviews the week of the 29th?

My son reached out to his admissions officer. He noted that my son should receive the notification via US mail by Monday.

The interviews are supposed to be next weekend. 2/27 2/28 if I remember correctly.

That’s correct. When my son completed the dean’s scholarship application, the screen after he submitted told him to hold the weekend open.

Letter came, no Deans for me, but an additional $2500 a year for four years excellence award was offered on top of my merit scholarship.

would you mind sharing your stats? mine hasn’t come and I was wondering what i should be expecting? thanks

@jnkam24 Congratulations and thanks for sharing. It’s good to hear that SJU is throwing in a sweeter even to those who are not finalists. My son was very happy to see your post.

@striderx678 3.6 UW, 3.8 W, SAT 2160, M+CR 1430. Good luck!

@jnkam24 thanks!

My son did not receive the Dean’s scholarship but also received the $2500 a year excellence award on top of his merit scholarship.