Dean's Scholarship

<p>Does anyone know if all of the Dean's Scholarships have been awarded, or is USC still giving them out? Thanks.</p>

<p>they are already given out. u didnt get any. ohwell.</p>

<p>That is in fact a true story.</p>

<p>why would i tell lies?!</p>


<p>are u trying to insinuate something, QuixoticRick. I just wanna say I dont appreciate your doubtfulness.</p>

<p>I think they've all been sent out.</p>

<p>hhmm....i thought they were sending out the scholarships out separately at the end of the month
Where did u guys read that they are already sent out?</p>

<p>man.. i just HAD to be born with a nice side as well.</p>

<p>I don't know a single thing about Dean's scholarship. Don't worry. It probably won't come out till the end of the month since aj16 is probably the only one that actually knows it here.</p>

<p>Some people have been reporting getting quarter scholarships, which is the Dean's Scholarship.</p>

<p>Yup. I know two people who received Deans and they were both admitted in the first wave, if I remember correctly. It's all done.</p>

<p> of my friends here called the admission office and asked about the Dean's and the International Academic Scholarship and the officer said that they sent out a few to the ones they were sure of...but they would send out all the rest separately at the end of the month with last wave once they're done evaluating all applications...I doubt they're all done</p>

<p>Oh, good info. Disregard my post then!</p>