Dean's Select Application

My son applied by Nov 1st using the Common App after receiving the Deans Select letter. Being that he could not apply ED and instead applied Regular Decision - Deans Select, will he have to wait until all regular decisions come out for notification?

Good afternoon @itsreallymia , I have a quick question first - did your son intend to apply ED? If so, we’re happy to switch his decision deadline and read his app accordingly - you’d just want to reach out to his regional counselor (link below). We’d need his Early Decision Agreement, but otherwise this is an easy switch. I’m surprised he couldn’t apply ED on the app - it should have been an option alongside Regular.

We are prioritizing Early Decision files first, but once those are out the door, we are hoping to jump right into reading Regular Decision files and getting them out as soon as we can. We do hope to get our decisions to students as early as we can, but of course that depends on the timeline of reviewing all required materials.

I hope that helps? Let me know if you have further questions. As I mentioned, a good point of contact to work through all this would be your son’s regional counselor - if you don’t already know who that is, you can find that here:

Thank you for your prompt response. He did not want to apply ED but wasn’t sure if the Deans Select Apps that are Regular Decision were reviewed befor other RD apps.

@itsreallymia Sorry to be delayed in responding to this post! I’ve been in reading applications land and didn’t check in to College Confidential as often as usual. We are trying to review all apps soon after they become complete, and I do try to read Deans Select apps when they come through as soon as I can, but there’s not a drastically difference decision release time between Deans Select and Common App. I would encourage your student to complete his app as soon as possible, though, as that will hopefully help expedite our decision heading out the door! The only caveat here is if he applied to a portfolio major or limited enrollment major, such as one of our Game Studio programs - we do need to hold these decisions a bit longer due to their capped nature.

I hope this helps clarify things - let me know if any follow-up information would be helpful!

Have a great weekend!!

My son applied ED and we are anxiously awaiting a response. Do you know when most applicants should expect to hear. Thank you!

@AmyJaeger We aim to get all of those decisions out the door by the end of this week, I believe! We’ve started to release them over the last few weeks, but we still have a few left to release - in particular, we still have a batch of portfolio majors to send out. These tend to take a little longer since we need to have the faculty review and score the portfolios before we can make our decision! I believe we’re close to being done with that process, though, so hopefully most letters will be out and into the mail by Friday. If your son still hasn’t heard by next week, he can feel free to reach out to his counselor to check in:

I hope that helps! We know how tough it can be to wait through this process!