Dear Parents, from the Black Sheep.

<p>Dear darling parents, </p>

<p>I know while my cousins were going to Chinese School, I had my hair streaked pink. I know that while they were doing math problems five levels above, I signed myself up for a Kurt Vonnegut cult. I know that while they interned at a research lab, I built my own webdesign business. I know that when they wanted to be doctors, I decided to be a journalist so I could poke my nose into other people's lives.</p>

<p>And I know that while they applied to Ivy Leagues, I applied to "what--where's that?" </p>

<p>See, mom, I know that you feel frustrated with me. I understand that everyone, even the dogs go to a prestigous school. I know you feel a bit of loss when your siblings, in-laws, and friends toss around brand name schools and you're off to mutter my top choice. I know you rush to explain where and what the school is known for, and don't quite feel so content with the "Ah, I see(s)." </p>

<p>I want you to know that I fully support my choice, with or without you. I really try my best to conform, but after all these years, I have to say I've grown comfortable in being me. I take my own route, and I've gained my own successes. I wish you appreciated them, as I've grown to enjoy them. I got there my own way, didn't I? </p>

<p>Pink hair never stopped me from being in the top 5% of class did it? But being in the top didn't stop me from applying to the schools US News must have accidentally reversed in numerical order, did it? </p>

<p>All other parents, I ask that when we have family and friend get togethers, that you don't give me an "oh" in answer to the college I decided upon. I don't need your congratulations, but I would like it, because you mean a lot to me. If it makes you feel better, I'll even let you walk off feeling smug that your child is going to a top ranked college, while I will fail in my lesser one. (But if you do walk off with a plainly smug smirk, I might give you the burnt hot dog.)</p>

<p>For future black sheeps, I hope you would never understand us (for your sanity) but be there for us, to take the detours. Straight lines aren't for us, we like to careen in late with chocolate in hand, all big smiles. </p>

<p>Parents, I'm happy. Please be happy for me. </p>

<p>Yours Truly, </p>

<p>The Black Sheep (baaa.)</p>

<p>aroundthecorner/The Black Sheep, you just made me cry happy-tears. I hope you've written the words my younger son will write, two years from now. I am very happy for you, and hope to be there for my son when he plots his methodical but seemingly haphazard course. </p>

<p>Do NOT ever forget the big smiles, nor the chocolate!</p>

<p>From one black sheep to another....C'mon.</p>

<p>You weren't seriously thinking of conforming, were you? We'd throw you right out of the Black Sheep Confederation if you even considered conforming. Straighten up and fly crooked, will ya?</p>

<p>May I ask, are you Chinese? Not many CC parents would frown upon a child in the top 5%--pink hair and Vonnegut nonwithstanding, LOL. But I have read of Asian parents with extraordinary expectations.</p>

<p>For laugh, look up the thread "Asian Parents ****@!!" in the old Archives, under College Admissions.</p>

<p>Congratulations (no smug smirk here) and good luck, aroundthecorner!</p>

<p>CONGRATULATIONS of attending the school of YOUR choice, despite the pressure you have felt from others!

<p>Not only am I HAPPY for you, but I am PROUD of you! So there!</p>

<p>I know that <em>I</em> will be able to learn alot from you because my next go-round with this college thing will be vastly different from my first. My oldest daughter, though she doesn't sport pink hair, is one of those "careeners", and she will take a totally different path than her older brother. But you know what? I couldn't be prouder of her. She is a fine person--intelligent, funny, creative, passionate, and very composed. She will do beautifully no matter which college she chooses to attend. Like you, she has a mind of her own and the guts to express it. So, to you I say, CONGRATULATIONS on a job very well done. May your college years bring you much happiness!</p>


<p>What's a Kurt Vonnegut club?</p>

<p>Bah. A lot of the successes in life are the black sheep.</p>

<p>Good luck at Clark!</p>

<p>Why the pink hair?</p>

<p>man I love vonnegut I am going to start a club too!!!
YAY for us black sheep!</p>

<p>Black sheep here too although pretty warn down! It can be a rugged path but highly interesting! Enjoy your adventures.</p>

<p>By the way, I don't believe Black Sheep raise black sheep. But, from my own experience the children happily cut a 3rd path through the brush...little grey sheep.</p>

<p>Your dear parents letter made me smile. You seem to be pretty level-headed beneath the pink hair and at the same time more creative and daring than the run-of-the mill cousins your parents would have you emulate. You will go far. I hope to be around when you are successful and can afford to be smug in your turn. Check in and share your adventures with us occasionally.</p>

<p>Smile. <em>hug!</em> And here I thought I'd get no replies. :O </p>

<p>And because I'm procrastinating (no, totally ready) for my math test...</p>

<p>For the questions: </p>

<p>cheers: I am Chinese. Mom's a single mother with high, high expectations so I did my best to conform (I triiied!) to make life easier, but alas... </p>

<p>tlaktan: Are you kidding me? Vonnegut is like...God. Author of great books, like Slaughterhouse-Five, Breakfast of Champions, Welcome to the Monkey House...</p>

<p>raven001: It was a time where everyone highlighted their hair blonde or red. I didn't like having a head looking like everyone else's, so my friend and I spent a good portion of the weekend bleaching my dark brown hair and dying it pink. Mom freaked out ("You'll never get to college looking like that!!") and I only had it for that 3-day weekend....until I dyed it again a month later when we had another 3-day weekend...</p>

<p>Comments: </p>

<p>mootmom: He will.</p>

<p>jamie: Thanks! :) No burnt hotdog for you.</p>

<p>berurah: THANKS!. Just toss suggestions out there. We listen, we might not follow, but we hearya! (Clark was a good school for this Sheep. ;))</p>

<p>catsmeow: You know there actually is a cult...</p>

<p>overseas: Grey Sheep! HAHA! </p>

<p>marite: :) Thanks, I will. I'm waiting for my smug moment, and when it happens, I'll be VERY smug in private and hope they feel it prick them in the back~ </p>

<p>Thanks for the replies. I felt pretty down (but yet saucy) when I was writing that.</p>

<p>Pink hair is AWESOME! Just hope it doesn't class with the colors of your wonderful school! Great letter. Congrats.</p>

<p>aroundthecorner - beautiful! I know it wasn't a college essay, but nevertheless it is a paradigm of showing your true voice. You may be a black sheep but your insights are crystal clear and deep.</p>

<p>aroundthecorner- a lot of parents here would be glad to have you as their child- pink hair and all!</p>

<p>What you have is so important, an sense of yourself and a plan. In our house we have always placed great importance on a plan.</p>

<p>I have a junior and we have already heard from family members. They seem to think that the name is so important. We think that the education is the important thing. </p>

<p>Great essay and required reading for those who don't follow the crowd.</p>

<p>I liked your straight line vs. careening image - that describes a lot of kids and not necessarily non-conformists, just the ones who eventually will arrive somewhere having taken a different path.</p>

<p>You sound like a perfect fit for Clark. My daughter looked at that school because she liked the psychology program and the diversity. Ultimately, didn't want to go that far from home.</p>

<p>Good luck!</p>

<p>Wow, you're fast! Most young adults don't discover themselves so soon.....congratulations!! baa</p>

<p>Nice: now, stay on your own track,do something worthwhile with your life, and you will contribute to your mother's education!</p>

<p>In our extended family the college choices have been a wide variety! We are thrilled with each neice and nephew making the decision to go to the college that best suits her/him, and so far all have been happier and successful doing so!</p>

<p>Good luck at Clark!</p>

<p>I am also proud to be the parent of a black sheep. He comes complete with blue hair , lip rings and baggy pants with chains. Always pushing the boundries and questioning authority.
3 years ago when most parents were looking at thier kids and thinking Penn State, I was looking at mine and thinking State Pen (as were a few other people) he proved everyone of us to be fools. He has taught me more in the past 3 years than I ever taught him in his 18 years of life.
If he decides to go to graduation wearing a pink mohawk, I will be the proud father in the audience with a pink mohawk crying like a baby.</p>

<p>Blacksheep, give em hell at Clark!!</p>

<p>aroundthecorner, that was beautiful. You have a gift and you are wise beyond your years. Marching to the beat of a different drummer will certainly take you to wonderful places, I just know it! I hope your mom comes to realize how very fortunate she is to have a child (it's hard to call you that ... you sound so mature) like you. I hope she counts her blessings everyday. I wish you great things!</p>