death by essay :|

<p>to anybody who was accepted do you mind telling what topic your essay was or even pm-ing me it? i have a great application and i dont want to ruin it with a poor essay, which i have no clue what to write about.</p>

<p>You've got far too much time to worry about things like this. Enjoy summer, and don't worry you won't have a good essay topic until it starts to get towards crunch time. No reason to rush things too much, though.</p>

<p>Think of possible topics in your free time. Come September, set a timer and write an essay in half an hour. Edit it for at least a whole month to get absolute clarity and flow. Even if you write an essay now, I highly doubt you will end up using it for your final application, so why waste your time?</p>

<p>Problem is I'll be completely busy come July until September and Im going to apply ed</p>

<p>My biggest piece of advice: DO NOT WORRY. And write about what you're passionate about. I started my Brown application two days before it was due. I wrote about an experience working at a theater performing HAIR. I talked about how it was a life-changing, perspective-altering experience. Be passionate and genuine. They can tell when you are faking it. And don't edit it until it doesn't even sound like you talking anymore. Having said that, make sure it doesn't have typos. Good luck!</p>

<p>Wow two days!! I began mine a week before it was due. and i think my brown sup essay was the best i wrote for any college application.. (I worked on some for 2 - 3 weeks). so my point i guess is don't worry, be honest and then the essay will take care of itself..</p>