Death of a Kenyon freshman

<p>I have just come to know of the sad and untimely demise of Colin James Boyarski, a freshman at Kenyon. The news has been most disturbing and I hope his soul rests in peace.
I hope the family gets the strength to face this irreversible trauma. I am sure a lot of close friends must also be deeply affected by this event and hope that they too will somehow cope with this loss.
May his soul rest in peace.
Our thoughts and prayers are with Colin's family and friends.</p>

<p>This news has been most disturbing. I am going to Kenyon this fall and am pretty stunned by what has happened. I would be really grateful if someone at Kenyon could share with us the inside story as to what happened.
In case you have not heard the news yet, here is the link.
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<p>That is heartbreaking. </p>

<p>Thanks for the link and keeping us updated, chochu. I will be interested to hear the entire story when it unfolds.</p>

<p>That's a really sad news.
I hope they discover what has happened.</p>

<p>Hey guys, </p>

<p>It's a sad day at Kenyon... I didn't know Colin but we had quite a few mutual friends. There is a meeting tonight about his death that I'm planning on attending. The whole campus is stunned. The Kenyon community is so tightly knit that everyone is somehow affected.
Colin was pledging a fraternity and alcohol and/or drugs are thought to be involved in his death. I'll keep you all up to date as I find out more information.</p>

<p>Keep Colin and everyone in the Kenyon family in your hearts...</p>

<p>Thanks, kc_lady, for your very informative update.</p>

<p>Hi again,
I just got home from the meeting about Colin's death, and also a candlelight vigil in his honor.
Most of the Kenyon community was at the meeting, and it was very sad. We all sat in silence. It was so unlike the normal, bubbly, Kenyon gatherings. Dr. Schermer, the college physician, who was at the scene of Colin's death, talked to us in depth about what happened this morning, along with the head of safety and security, campus ministries, the counseling center and Dean Omahan. Much of it was in the article Chocho linked to.
Colin was face down in a field near popular off-campus housing. He had been dead for a few hours when his body was found. His face showed no fear or anger, he was simply at peace. His body was checked at the scene, and there were no signs of what happened. Dr. Schermer called Colin's pediatrician from home, who went to his house to be with the family while Dr. Schermer called the home. Colin was Roman Catholic and his family is also grieving the loss of their pope. Colin's family had a difficult time with the news (understandably) but are coming to terms with it. They had a lot of questions about his death. His mom wanted to know if Colin was happy at Kenyon. Students have come forward to say that he was very happy- he had a great family of friends at Kenyon, enjoyed his classes, and loved being here to the fullest.
Dr. Schermer confirmed that alchohol was probably the prime factor in his death. His body is now in Columbus for an autopsy, and an investigation is under way. Colin's father drove from Pittsburgh to be with Colin's body once more.
Dr. Schermer told us that at the field he covered Colin's body himself. He folded his arms gently, and said a few prayers for him. Colin was one of our own; I've never seen Kenyon so distraught. I cried at the candlelight vigil, along with much of the campus. Kenyon is truely a loving, close-knit family, and we are devasted by this loss.
Colin's mom told Dr. Schermer that she welcomes support from the Kenyon community (which includes all you '09ers). If you would like to send a card showing your support:</p>

<p>Daniel and Libby Boyarski
6958 Edgerton Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15208</p>

<p>Thanks kc-lady for all the information .</p>

<p>I am definitely thinking of sending one!</p>

<p>That's a really sad story. Does Kenyon think he drank too much? Are they gonna take some action on this issue?</p>

<p>for an update on Colin Boyarski's death...</p>

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<p>sorry to bring this topic back, but i wanna say that my sister knew him and yes, it was alcohol</p>

<p>Sad to see the a similar occurance happen at Haverford just a couple weeks later. </p>

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