Debate at Berkeley?

<p>What is there in terms of actual debate? The online clubs lists don't seem too helpful. :/</p>


<p>as in… speech and debate?</p>

<p>Haha, I was wondering this same thing!</p>

<p>I know that MUN is super cool there, though =)</p>

<p>I think you’re actually supposed to pick a specific thing to debate at this point lol. CalDems would probably be good if you’re into that. And MUN.</p>

<p>mock trial ftw…</p>

<p>Yeah. Speech and debate. But really just debate. I love parliamentary but am open to doing other stuff. I’m somewhat sad that the schools I got accepted to don’t have parliamentary teams but all my waitlist ones do. Decisions decisions. </p>

<p>What’s caldems? Thanks!</p>

<p>Last I heard, parliamentary debate was essentially dead. But that was over a year ago, so someone might have revived it. Cal has a beastly policy debate team, but they have a “Don’t contact us, we’ll contact you” type of recruiting philosophy.</p>

<p>I encourage you to consider the Cal Mock Trial team. It’s a high caliber program which placed 4th place nationally this year. You’ll be able to apply your debate training in a fun and a useful way.</p>

<p>[Cal</a> Berkeley Democrats](<a href=“]Cal”></p>

<p>To OP -</p>

<p>I messaged the parli teams head and her response to my questions were:</p>

<li>Are you guys a completely student run organization, or are you funded by the school with paid coaches like the policy team?</li>
<li>Roughly how many tournaments do you participate with in a year?</li>
<li>How often are practices? </li>

<p>My name is Vanessa, I’m the current director of the Parli Team. The Co-Director is Victor. To answer your questions: (1) yes, we are currently a completely student-run team. We are funded by the school, but we do not have paid coaches. Having said that we do have great debaters on the team and we pretty much coach each other. (2) That depends on how good of a debater you are and how hard you work. We recognize merit. If you put in the work, we’ll send you to tournaments. Normally, we go to around 7 tournaments a year, but not everyone competes at every tournament. (3) We have practice twice a week from 7pm-9pm T/TH usually in evans or in dwinelle.</p>