Debate Camp awards? Any weight?

If someone attended a national debate Institute, participating in its tournament, and won 1st, along with speaker awards, would these carry any weight?

Would they be considered national awards?

<p>bumping it...</p>

<p>Yeah, I would definitely put those on your application.</p>

<p>no no no... just because seomthing is called "national debate institute" doesn't make it a nationally accredited award if you win a minor competition in it. Just like that national leadership conference thing you have to pay 1000 dollars to go into does not count as a national distinction. Putting it as a national award will only make the applicant seem desperate and pathetic. </p>

<p>ie: I am NOT putting NHS as a national distinction.</p>

<p>Now, for whether you should put it on your application at all, I don't know much about the institute itself. How hard is it to get into? Or do you only have to pay? like that NYLC thing. If it's very difficult to get into (like rigorous selection process), then by all means put it. If it's just a summer camp award, like cheerleading camp - most spirited award, I doubt it's going to be worth anything. When it comes down to it, you know how prestigious your awards are WAY more than any of us kids on the internet. Let that be your judge.</p>

<p>you could put it. i dont think its worth that much tho. ive gone to coon hardy, iowa, mich classic and stanford swings and i dont think winning a prize at these tournaments at the end of the camp is really worth that much but you could mention it since there are about 100 or so people at the camps</p>

<p>it was in the scholars' division of a prestigious institute. it was pretty selective.</p>

<p>screw it, i'm putting it.</p>