debate coach

<p>cant you see a member of the audiece sending bush signals like in baseball on how to debate. i could just see chaney pulling his ear to tell bush to stop makeing funny faces. does anyone else think that kerry and bush have some signals with people in the audience?</p>

<p>my opinion is that during the first debate, they should have just stuffed Cheney underneath Bush's podium.</p>

<p>But of course, we all have the conspiracy theorists who think Bush had a "radio reciever underneath his coat" and that Kerry pulled out a "PDA with wireless communications" during that first debate.</p>

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<p>One quick thing I find troubling:</p>

<p>In his post debate speeches, Bush seems to be poking fun of himself and the fact that he is not an eloquent speaker... in an effort to self-depricate humor I guess to take away from the fact that he lost all 3 debates.</p>

<p>"they know my blunt way of speaking i get that from ma, they know i sometimes mangle the english language, i get that from dad"</p>

<p>It is almost like saying.."yea ok I'm not so smart but that doesn't matter for this job lets crack jokes about it"</p>

<p>I mean I understand it is tough for Rove to formulate a save face strategy after 3 debate loses... but I think he dropped the ball on this one.</p>

<p>Never should a person, or in this case a candidate running for PRESIDENT publicaly self inflict blows at his own intelligence. It is almost like he is conceeding to the fact that Kerry is smarter than he is.</p>

<p>Intelligence is a major requirement for the Presidency of the United States in my opinion. Kerry has it, Edwards has it, Cheney has it..... Bush doesn't</p>

<p>yay for conspiracy theories. Not. The bump was already revealed by the suits tailor as middle sewed ridge of the jacket. Also, the bump is enhanced by the fact that Bush is wearing a ballistic vest underneath the coat, most likely with a steel trauma plate in the front and back. This can easily enhance the bump on his back.</p>

<p>Now, we can all play devil's advocate and say that Kerry slipped out a wireless PDA to communicate with his buddies during the first debate. The video of the first debate shows Kerry slipping something out of his pocket, so plenty of people are having fun with that conspiracy as well. But in reality, it's probably an attempt by Kerry to straighten out his ruffled suit before stepping up to the podium.</p>

<p>While fun to read, I agree that the debate conspiracy theories are ridculous</p>

<p>Hey everyone has to make fun of themseilf. by saying "I spelling and gramar aint no god." if you cant make fun of your self, your full of yourseilf. im sory but just because bush isnt and eloquent speaker donst mean he isnt intellegent. i bet many of americas top scientist, economist, and generals dont speak or use english well. I kno i dont use english well, but does that mean im unintellegent no. Yet im willing to make fun of my bad english, and i really dont take offense if anyone makes fun of it. But if you call me unintellegent because of it i will take it serously.</p>