Debate or AP comp science?

<p>Any recommendations on which class I should take? Debate or AP comp science? Do colleges like one of them more than another? Our debate team won state and is going to nationals btw.</p>

<p>Which are you more passionate about? Do you care more about going to debate nationals or getting college credit? </p>

<p>Both would look equally good on your application.</p>

<p>Which one do you like more? Colleges don't look at the classes you take as much as how much passion you have for certain areas of learning. for them to see that, you better start working toward that kind of trend. </p>

<p>Plus, it means nothing if you're not good enough to go to nationals, so here's the other thing, how good are you at debate?</p>

<p>Debate as a class? In this part of the country, debate is an extracurricular activity, very avidly pursued, that students do BESIDES all their school classes. </p>

<p>My answer would be "both"--my son is doing both this year--but what fits your schedule may not allow both.</p>

<p>It's not about which one you pick. It's about what you do with it.</p>

<p>I did both, too (debate as an extracurricular), and I would also encourage you to do both if you can.</p>

<p>I second (/third) the notion of doing both.</p>

<p>ask your school what kind of debate they do. If they respond "policy debate" start running. Fast. Don't stop. Any other kind would be fine.</p>

<p>policy debate is awesome.
don't run away.</p>

<p>& if it is debate as a class, then i say go for it, becuase you are more likely to do well, and win awards etc.
consider self-studying for the ap.</p>