Debating applying to Cornell

I’m a high school senior who is debating applying to Cornell University Engineering this fall. I’ve reached a point where I can’t decide whether to apply to Cornell or not, so I’m curious to hear stories and opinions from current Cornell students or alumnus as to why they chose/liked Cornell.

Just apply. You can decide if you want to attend after your accepted. You will have time to weigh your decisions against your other choices. FYI Engineering is difficult to get into in Cornell…esp for a guy.

Turning it around: why do YOU think you might like Cornell? Or not like?
Why are you even thinking about it?
Have you investigated?

I think that “whether to apply to Cornell” is the wrong question.

There are three different questions that you need to answer first.

One question is: What is your budget?

A second question: What do you want in a university?

Third question: What two safety schools are you going to apply to?

After you have answered all three of these questions, then you can think about match and reach schools to apply to.

Cornell is either a reach or out of reach for almost every student.

As both @monydad & @DadTwoGirls indicate, to get helpful responses on either Cornell or Georgetown (your other thread), you need to share a little more about what you are looking for, and what your circumstances are. Cornell Engineering and Georgetown CS are markedly different paths.

So, what are the important variables in the decision process for you?