Debating Between Majors


I’m a current high school senior planning on attending Grand Canyon University in the fall. I’ve already been accepted to GCU, I’m just in the process of finishing my registration right now.

As of now, my counselor set me on majoring in Professional Writing. However, I’m not sure this is the right choice. Although writing is sort of my passion, I’m unsure about going down this path because it’s not exactly linear.

Here’s the thing; I come from a low-income background. I can’t afford to take risks. With a Professional Writing degree, there’s a lot of career possibilities, but it’s all a matter of luck. My mom suggested I pursue a degree in Elementary Education and do writing on the side, because at least with Elementary Education getting a job is more guaranteed (it’s a linear path). Plus, unlike with copywriting, journalism, etc., in Elementary Education there isn’t competition both in getting the job and within the field. I’m just a little indecisive at the moment because while I do like the setting of an elementary school, teaching isn’t really my passion. However, it is more stable. And at least I won’t have to worry about competition when trying to land a job.

GCU also offers a minor in Professional Writing, so perhaps I might major in Elementary Education and minor in Professional Writing. But I’m unsure. I know lots of people are unsure and switch majors all the time… but I honestly don’t want to be that person. I’ve already narrowed it down to the two so I’m just trying to figure it out from here.

I agree with your Mom, and I think that you do as well.

Listen to your mother, she’s right.

PS. As a parent, it gives me a lot of joy to be able to write this and mean it :slight_smile: