Debating between two essay topics!

<p>I know this is really late, but I’ve been pretty busy with all my other apps lately. Anyway, I’m trying to decide between two topics for the second long Penn essay. I basically tried to stretch some of my essays for other apps because I couldn’t think of any good topics for this one.</p>

<p>So I’m debating between these two for the “first experiences” essay:

  1. A math class (intro to analysis) that taught the underlying theory behind arithmetic and calculus. It was all based on proofs and was radically different than any previous math classes. So the “first experience” would be gaining a new perspective on the math concepts I’ve learned throughout my life. BTW, I’m applying to Wharton, so I don’t know if it helps to show off strengths in mathematics.</p>

<li>Teaching myself guitar - I had taken piano lessons for several years but quit, so teaching myself a new instrument is kind of a “first experience”. This essay would mainly show my interests in music, and how I successfully learned to play guitar by myself.</li>

<p>What do you think would be the better topic for my Penn essay?</p>


<p>math might be stronger in interest of applying to wharton because it is more academic. so unless the guitar story is really personal and you can really bring your voice out, stick with math as i think that will be stronger for your app. Just my opinion, hope that helps.</p>