Debt Free Value

<p>What is the typical student debt for a bachelor's debt? UNC is offering to meet 100% need so i would graduate with no debt, and i was curious as to how valuable this is over choosing to attend another university?</p>

<p>Average student debt is somewhere between $20 - 30,000. I believe that does not include any parent debt. Of course some people have much higher debt, and some have none.</p>

<p>Are they promising to meet full need with no loans? And can your family afford the EFC without loans? Great opportunity if that is the case.</p>

<p>swimcatsmom is right - you must clarify what UNC means by meets full need -
except for the wealthiest of schools - meets full needs does not mean graduating without loans.</p>

<p>This is from the UNC website:</p>

<p>If you can demonstrate need and submit your FAFSA and CSS\PROFILE on time, we’ll plan to meet 100% of your need through a combination of scholarships, grants, work—study, and loans—usually 65% grants and 35% self-help.</p>

<p>It means you will take out around $20,000 in loans and if you can't pay the EFC - there will be unsubsidized loans and possibly parental loans. This does not mean that UNC's financial aid policies are not generous - but it is a public university with a limited endowment. Run the net price calculator as well to have a better idea of costs.</p>

<p>So unless you are expecting an extraordinary amount of merit aid - you will not leave UNC debt free.</p>