Dec 15 - due or postmarked??

<p>Hi, I'm applying for Pomona this year and I saw no indication on the website as to Dec 15 is postmark or due deadline. It's getting urgent now. Does anyone know??? Thanks a lot in advance!</p>

<p>It's probably a postmark date-- things like that usually are unless they specify otherwise. However, to be sure, I would give the admissions office a call if I were you.</p>

<p>Thanks Irene. I'm an international student so if it's a due date, I should be sending my app like right now. Otherwise, I'd have to send through EMS later, which'd cost a lot more. Anyway, I wrote an e-mail to the admissions office and am waiting for reply. Anyone else knows about this deadline?</p>

<p>im freaking out about this too, i just looked in the book and it said "all application materials should be recieved by the appropriate deadline." and i was planning on applying ED!!! I didnt let any of my recs know, i thought it had to be sent by Nov. 15, not RECIEVED!!! CRAP, i dont think my application will make it in time unless I send it tomorrow, but my essays arent ready!!!! crap, ill call tomorrow and find out how screwed i REALLY am.....
after all they said "should" thats a pretty lenient word, right?</p>

<p>just.a.thought, check this out-
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<p>"Students studying outside of the U.S. should submit all materials two weeks before the appropriate deadline."</p>

<p>Oh man, 2 weeks before Jan 2 means Dec 15, right? So everything must be received by that date, not postmarked ? :( Thanks Kosuke!</p>

<p>yeah... i just called the admissions office and they said the deadlines were the days in which everything had to be recieved by. CRAP. so i guess i better write my second essay tonight, revise it and have others revise it tomorrow and send it in over night express or whatever thursday. and im assuming the common app online is instantaneous so i can send it in sunday night right before the deadline of nov. 15 on monday (if i wanted to)? I really hope all my teach recs make it in on time....
anyone know how long it takes regular mail from kansas to california?</p>

<p>it takes a week from Missouri...</p>

<p>uh.....crap, i dont think my teacher recs are going to make it in on time....</p>

<p>Kosuke, you can try obtaining your teacher recs (with it confidentially sealed) as soon as possible and sending them express mail, but in general I think they might understand that the teacher recs might come in later and that isn't necessarily your fault (my teach rec didn't get to a school until 2 months after I applied, but I still got a decision from them on April 1). I think a lot of people applying to Pomona don't realize that they want the materials in by the date, not postmarked since so many other schools do it the other way around. I still think that they get their applications reviewed anyway if it got in a day or two late. Of course, they might be stricter with ED deadlines since you hear back from them sooner.</p>