Dec 2011 SAT 1 Math Question (Nutrition Label Problem)

<p>Hi guys,</p>

<p>I took the SAT 1 earlier today and I thought I did pretty well. However, I seem to have gotten the nutrition label question wrong (I put I and II were correct) and I was wondering if there's any possible way the Collegeboard can throw the question out? I know it should be "common knowledge" that the Calories from Fat are a part of the Calories column; however, I was not aware of that, and it seems unfair because it requires outside knowledge that is not related to SAT math. If it said Total Calories, I would be okay with it (and probably gotten the question right!) but it just Calories and so I assumed they were separate... </p>

<p>Any ideas? </p>


Hmm that is unfortunate; Collegeboard will decide to throw the question out only if statistics from other test takers deem it necessary. I believe II was asking a percentage though, so how did you go about choosing II. When you are prompted with an answer that says 40%, you know 40% also represents a quotient. Was it a guess?</p>

<p>you’ve never read a nutrition label before?</p>

If I recall correctly, II stated that the Calories from Fat is less than 40% of the total calories or something of that manner. The Calories listed 80 and Calories from Fat listed 35. Since I assumed they were separate, I added the 80 and 35 to find what I assumed was the total calories, which turned out to be 115. I then divided 35/115 to get the ratio/percentage of 0.3043 (thus 30.43%) which is less then 40% and so I presumed II was true. In reality, I should have done 35/80 and gotten 43.75% and so II would be false.</p>

<p>ugh i chose I and II as well, damn wording of the question :/</p>

<p>I got it wrong but i put 1 and 3…i still think 3 was right cause i cant remember the exact wording but from what everyone says looks like i looked at it wrong. I could see a high percent of people getting this wrong and maybe something happening with it. I sure hope so</p>

<p>I was semi-surprised when I saw a nutrition label as well, especially since it was suppose to be easy (question 6 out of 16 I think?). I found it easy, but considering the fact that most people can’t read the nutrition labels correctly, I imagine that a lot of people will miss that question. Nothing you can do about it though, if that’s what you are asking. I am oblivious of whether or not collegeboard has ever nullified a question before.</p>

<p>Only I.
5 crackers (16 grams)
28 in total.
It should be approximately 90 grams or 89.6 grams. </p>

<p>Calories 80
calories from fat 35</p>

<p>i thought it was 5 crackers(16 grams) and 5 servings? Im really mad now, i made two of the simplest mistakes ever.</p>

<p><a href=“The SAT – SAT Suite | College Board”>The SAT – SAT Suite | College Board;

<p>You should email the collegeboard about it. I made the same mistake because I never read nutrition labels.</p>

<p>@SAT100 The collegeboard has indeed nullified questions.</p>

<p>does throwing a question out pull the curve up by 1 or does it actually make the curve harsher?</p>

<p>Oh. This statement may seem bias, since I got the question right, but I don’t think they will cancel it. I remember when I took the October 2011 SAT there was a writing question with 3 possible answers, and there was a huge dispute over which question was right. There was also a CR question that caused a lot of arguments. If neither of those got nullified, I don’t think this one will. Just my opinion though, and you should still try to get it nullified, I know I would be mad if I couldn’t read a nutrition label and got that question.</p>

<p>@sat, i just feel like with reading and writing, its opinionated so you can never win an arguement because they will just say youre arguement/opinion is wrong. Maybe with math theyll understand since its so straight forward and factual based? Who knows what will happen…looks like we gotta wait till the 22nd</p>

<p>@Seahawks506 “you’ve never read a nutrition label before?”</p>

<p>Of course I have, I’m pretty sure everyone has, but if I’m in the middle of the timed SAT and I encounter a freaking nutrition label, I am not going to be able to recall in my head if all of the nutrition labels I have read in my life state “Calories” and “Calories from Fat”. And even then, when do you ever learn how to read a nutrition label? It’s very possible people could have never even realized that the “Calories from Fat” is a part of the “Calories” number in everyday life. Additionally, it seems almost ambiguous to say “Calories” and “Calories from Fat” on an SAT question because it seems like if someone didn’t know ahead of time and they are rushing through the question, they would assume they are two separate categories, which very may well be what Collegeboard was trying to do. However, this kind of “trick” doesn’t seem fair since it involves outside knowledge that shouldn’t be required. LASTLY, although I am Asian-American and was born here, if I were an immigrant that doesn’t have full mastery of the English language, I wouldn’t have a chance at this question… and it’s not like foreigners could just take the TOEFL test since this is in the MATH SECTION, not CR or Writing…</p>


<p>I fully support you jkim94! I hope we can get that question taken off… :D</p>

<p>Hello Jim,
I scored a 2380 on the SAT in Oct. since my company likes to make sure its tutors are up to par. I am sorry that you were not cognizant of the fact of the single entity in this question. But, in my four years tutoring this test, this was the single worst question. Ever. My question to you is how can I, along with my colleagues, contact the collegeboard. This is not a fair question to international students and everyone in general, and I hope to voice my opinion. We have eliminated three questions together during our career, but they have all been CR. THis will be tricky.</p>

<p>If you guys would like to help try and get this question nullified, email Collegeboard at: <a href=""></a> </p>

<p>This is their email for: Test Error or Ambiguity -
If you encounter a test error or ambiguous question, continue testing. Report the problem to the supervisor before you leave the test center, then write to us, including the test section, the test question (as well as you can remember it), and an explanation of your concern. The SAT Program will respond to written inquiries. (Taken right off of their website!) </p>

<p>Additionally, if you want, you can mail them at (perhaps mail would be more likely to be read?):<br>
SAT Program
Test Development
225 Phillips Boulevard
Ewing, NJ 08628</p>

<p>OR fax them at: (609) 683-2800</p>


<p>Chinaboys, since you have experience with this, do you know what happens to the curve if a question gets thrown out? Does the curve get moved up a point? Or something else?</p>

<p>Was that problem on the experimental section?</p>