Dec 3rd--SAT II World History

<p>Hard or easy?</p>

<p>I went in aiming for an 800, and bearing that in mind, it wasn't great. </p>

<p>I left 8 questions and probably got at least 8 more wrong.</p>

<p>the curve is so generous, that even at that, you still might get an 800!</p>

<p>What's the curve like exactly? Have we reached a consensus here on CC? </p>

<p>Does a Raw Score of 78/95 translate to 800? Or is it 80/95?</p>

<p>could be both. depends on the test.</p>

<p>It's usually 80. The generous curve is making me feel a lot better.</p>

<p>I don't feel too great anymore. That was hard. I skipped 12 and god knows how many more I got wrong. I'll be happy if I get above a 600.</p>

<p>That was freakin hard.</p>

<p>I used like elimination on EVERYTHING. (maybe except for like a few)</p>

<p>Same. For the temple in Indonesia, did you say Hindu?</p>

<p>That picture one? With the bell looking statues?</p>

<p>I put Hinduism for that one.</p>

<p>Can we start discussing now?</p>

<p>I scored 800s on two practice World History Subject Tests, but this one was difficult and I'd be lucky to get another 800. There were some pretty specific questions, and there weren't many where I could get the answer instantly. Process of elimination, like bumbulbi said, was needed a lot. The curve for the World History Subject Test is very generous, and I have a feeling that it will be even more generous for us this time.</p>

<p>^ I hope so. I just NEED a 700+, or else I'll be very sad.</p>

<p>I have the Official Study Guide/Practice Test Booklet (the blue one with the green stripe) for US History and World History right next to me. There are two World History Subject Tests in it, and one is presumably harder than the other because it has a more generous curve. To get an 800 on this harder test, you need at least 75 raw points out of 95. To get a 700 or above, you need at least 58 raw points. The easier test is still very generous, with 78 raw points earning an 800 and 61 raw points earning a 700.</p>

<p>Was it Guatemala, Mexico, and Honduras for the location of the Mayan civilization?</p>

<p>Was one of the answers Mary Wollencroft?</p>

<p>Thats what I said. And no I think I put William Wordsworth but only because I saw that name somewhere in my prep book.</p>

<p>What is the reason for the moving of people in Africa? I put the desertification of the Sahara, cuz thats a climate change.</p>

<p>The tsetse fly was the reason, wasn't it? </p>

<p>And the answer to the author question was definitely Dickens. In fact, that's a repeated question if I'm not mistaken.</p>

<p>No it was definitely desertification. I remember the prep book stressed that a lot. UGH I knew I should have put Dickens. I was debating changing it at the end but I decided not to.</p>

<p>Hello.. I am from Honduras and can definitely tell you that the answer choice was
guatemala, mexico, and Honduras</p>