<p>agh I am so anxious to see them.. I really wish I got like 600+ writing and verball haha math im already set..</p>

<p>i am very anxious as well! my dream score would be CR:740 M:720 W:760!!! my score will probably be like Cr:690 M: 700 W: 700 =/</p>

<p>Yes, we're all psyched, but you might as well post this in the official thread...</p>

<p>very anxious as well...i hope i did better than my PSATs (210)</p>

<p>Im pysched too... Double Mark's comment...</p>

<p>Ahh I took mine in another state, because I had a basketball tourney. I really hope I didnt make STUPID mistakes!! I want extra points for taking an SAT in Colorado... Way colder than Cali... I was FREEZING!!!</p>

<p>good luck! this is my last SAT, and I better do well on it or I won't get in my dream school!</p>

<p>yeah me too this is my last one!</p>

<p>Yep, last one here too</p>

<p>Last one also</p>

<p>AH 2 days kids</p>

<p>Shooting for 650+ everything, lets hope I get it!</p>

<p>Monday shall be either a v good day or a bad..</p>

<p>this weekend sucks... college essays, study for finals, and wait for SAT scores.</p>


<p>750+ PLEASE!!!!!!~~</p>


<p>(committing sui..)</p>

<p>Lets just hope no one serious finds these forums; they might get scared by how many people threaten suicide...</p>

<p>i put something about committing suicide for the title of a post once and it got changed by an admin</p>

<p>last one as well.</p>

<p>my last one as well!</p>

<p>it was so much easier compared to the previous two tests i took...which means the curve will probably be pretty bad. :(</p>

<p>i mite take math iic in january, but dec was my last sat i</p>