DECA Problems

<p>So on the DECA multiple choice exam, I was in the 90th percentile and my partner... 23rd. :/ I really don't know why I decided to do partners. Maybe because this girl is actually smart and hardworking, but she really had no idea what she was doing. So now I'm wondering, should I even pay the $55 to go to regionals? I don't think she's coming to the presentation practice session or anything so we probably won't make it to provincials. I don't want to pay $55 for no reason. Plus it's on my mom's birthday and I don't want to be gone all day. Do you think we can make it to provincials or should I just tell her that I quit? I don't know why I joined DECA... spur of the moment kind of thing, thought it would be interesting... but it's so boring. :/ What should I do?</p>