December 2013 SAT thread

<p>Post your progress in studying and, after the test, post what you thought, and any possible questions.</p>

<p>struggling dealing with timeline of december sat...still working on essays and do not no how to balance these two..</p>

<p>Currently have 770/650/720 (8 E) or 2140 composite. </p>

<p>Aiming for whatever/740/780-800 (12 E) for 2290 composite. Should be an interesting journey.</p>

<p>Just took the nov test
Already registered dec one
But still struggling whether to delay till Jan and change to subjects test</p>

<p>My daughter is scheduled for the Dec and Jan SAT. I was told that the blue book practice tests are easier than current tests - they are older tests and the tests given now are somewhat more difficult. Is this true? Are tests from 2013 harder than tests from, say, 2009?</p>

<p>My daughter is scheduled for the Dec test. I'm curious to know if anyone has an answer to Twogirls' question about how the Blue Book tests compare to the 2013 tests. Also, Twogirls, why is your daughter signed up for both Dec and Jan? It seems like it doesn't leave enough time between her score receipt and the next test to figure out where to focus her effort. We're figuring on her taking it again in March if her Dec score is unsatisfactory.</p>

<p>My daughter is taking the SAT and ACT in December, the SAT again in January, and the ACT again in February. She started doing some light studying for the SAT in July and started tutoring in early September. She feels that she will be " ready" and in the " mode" during December, January and February. Her feeling is that she will take the tests close together and hopefully be done. She does not want to take the tests in May and June because of AP tests and finals. She can do the March SAT if she wants a final attempt. She will know her December SAT score on December 26.</p>

<p>^ But I still can't seem to get an answer to what I am being told: that the current SAT tests are more difficult than the tests in the blue book.</p>

<p>I did the SAT in October, and I'm retaking for a better CR score. To answer twogirls's question, I'd say that the SAT has gotten harder since the time when th blue book tests were administered (2006-2007). I primarily used the blue book to prepare, and once I got to the actual test, I felt that the writing and math sections were the same difficulty, and the reading was a lot harder than my practice.</p>

<p>Thanks- that is what I have been told. Good luck!</p>

<p>Less than a month until the test, how's everyone's preparation going?</p>

<p>What book did you use for math?</p>

<p>For my D, I got Dr. Steve Warner's 28 SAT Math Lessons - Advanced Version. It's supposedly for students scoring over 600 who want to get an 800. D was scoring 700-730 on practice tests. Since working her way through the book, she has been getting 800's on the Blue Book practice tests. So we're hoping the real test isn't significantly harder than the Blue Book tests.</p>

<p>Now she's focusing on CR. She's looking at the Black Book for tips on the passage based reading and going through the Essential 500 vocab book.</p>

<p>Corinthian is your daughter using that math book everyday? How long did she use Steve Warner's book before she started scoring 800's in the blue book?</p>

<p>She started using the book around Sept. 12 (I looked back on my Amazon order history.) She has worked her way through the entire book. She has gotten 800's for the last couple of tests she has taken. She is currently taking AP Calculus BC and had gotten very rusty at doing algebra and geometry problems. The book was very helpful to her in going back and refreshing her memory about those concepts. It's well organized, too. Each section (E.g., Algebra and Functions, Geometry, Probability, etc) has 5 levels of problems so if Level 1 is too basic you can skip ahead to a higher level for that type of problem. It helped her zero in on what she needed to work on. She probably spent 4-5 weeks going through it, but if you know where your problem area is, you can just focus on those problems. The book also gives good strategy tips. D says that being comfortable and familiar with her graphing calculator is a big help.</p>

<p>My daughter is in honors pre-calc, not AP calc. She currently has a math tutor and she is getting in the low 700's with the blue book. The tutor goes through all the questions and they discuss the answers.</p>

<p>She also has a CR/Writing tutor and is doing well taking more updated tests. The issue we are finding is that getting an extra 2 or 3 questions wrong ( once you get to the 700's) can mean the difference between a 770 and a 720. It's crazy. So far she seems to be stable in the mid 700's- but who knows!!</p>

<p>Thanks for the math book information.</p>

<p>Yeah I'm probably looking at an 720 CR, 720 M, 800 W (2240 Composite) :(. Any tips on how to bring both the CR and Math up to about 770 each before the December SAT. I've done most of Chung's and have scored at about 700-730 in that book. I am currently doing Sparknotes 1000 vocab as well as DH1 and 2 for CR. I really want this 2300!</p>

<p>For those of you who have taken practice tests before the real thing, how did your scores compare? My daughter is on a roll and I am hoping it carries over to the real test. Thanks.</p>

<p>Does anyone else have the feeling that the real CR sections are harder than the practice blue book CR sections? Eek, that scares me a bit. :( Because that's what I thought about this year's PSAT.
I'm also interested in the answer to twogirls' question.</p>

<p>I have been told that current CR sections are in fact harder than those from several years ago. The key is to get hold of practice tests from 2011 and 2012.</p>