December acceptances?

Besides SDSU, what other CSUs are known to release early acceptances in December?
Looks like SDSU has released some acceptances. Nothing for my son yet.

Your local CSU may release admissions decisions early depending upon the campus. I know that Sac state has admitted a few local applicants.

SDSU is different in that they only accept High Stat and some OOS applicants early, probably to get them to commit sooner.

In general, decisions should be out in February through April for the majority of the applicants.

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Chico posted decisions today or yesterday.

I received an acceptance from Sonoma State on 11/3, nearly 3 days after I submitted my app.

I also received an acceptance from Cal State San Marcos on 12/11.

I got accepted to Chico on 12/24.
I know some friends who got admitted into Humboldt State and CSU East Bay in early December.

It seems like the more competitive CSUs start admitting in February while the less competitive ones started in December. Some of the other CSUs I applied to (San Jose State & CSU Long Beach) said that they won’t start sending acceptances until February.

My daughter applied to Sonoma State in early November and still hasn’t heard. The decision comes in the portal under application status, right? Thanks.

I received an email telling me that I was admitted by both of these schools. I did not receive a confirmation from Sonoma telling me that they received my application, I just received 3 emails telling me that I was admitted then received my acceptance in the mail. I made my portal a few weeks after that.

Perhaps they admit early by major? My major was Spanish.

no harm in calling them and asking.