December SAT. Is it too late?

Is the December SAT too late to submit to schools (UCs, privates, etc.)? If it is the latest date to submit, should I send it blindly using free score reports or can I wait to receive my score first and then decide on the day scores are available?

This also might be a dumb question, but should I still submit my scores to schools that I am applying early action to on the off chance that they receive it?

Each school should have their latest accepted test date on their admissions requirement page.

For schools with a Jan 1 due date, I would expect the early December date to be fine. Score sends requested after scores are available are typically sent within a week, so even that should be fine (CB has had pandemic-related issues this year, but I haven’t hear of it affecting score sends - but it’s possible).

For schools with EA/ED due dates in October, the scores would very likely be too late. If you improve by 200 points, I suppose it would be worth a shot, but I wouldn’t count on it being considered.

Many schools also allow self-reporting of SAT scores. For those schools, just wait to file your final application until you receive your schools. Or update your application when they are received.

@RichInPitt What about specifically for UCs? Is it too late for them since their application due date is Nov. 30th?