December SSAT Scores!

<p>I got mine back today because I'm using a consultant:</p>

<p>Raw Score

<p>SSAT Percentile

<p>:D :D :D</p>

<p>I'll be getting mine on the 20th (<em>chews fingernails nervously</em>), but those are some pretty high scores! Good job, prepposibbly!</p>

<p>Thanks!!! And @Aristocratt if u PM me I'll tell you. And yes. I'm in 8th applying for 9th</p>

<p>I'm getting mine on the 20th too. I'm in 8th grade applying for 9th too.</p>

<p>prepossibly that's osm
haven't gotten mine yet but i got 98% math 93% verbal and 81% reading with a total of 2241 and 94% in november.</p>


<p>I got a 98% overall, with 91%, 98%, and 97%. Wonder how that averaged up to a 98%? Don't really care anymore, since I got the score I wanted. Good luck everybody...</p>

<p>I just got mine too 86% overall......... ;(</p>

<p>That's not too bad, really... for the most competitive schools they say an >85%. Just send your November scores.</p>

<p>I know but should I send my isee scores ( if you would like to comment I made a thread)</p>

<p>How do you all already have your scores?</p>

<p>If u choose email scores than you should have gotten them by email,by now</p>

<p>^^. I got mine at exactly 10 AM today. I know for a fact Exeter had mine processed on/before the 15th. (It showed up on my account checklist thing then.) I wasn't planning to order the $20 email, but I got really antsy thinking that the schools had my scores and I didn't.</p>

<p>you are probably on the east coast right? i received mine 5 oclock this morning.(los angeles time)</p>

<p>Oh, has anyone gotten them in the actual mail yet?</p>

<p>no that should come in about 5 days (i think)</p>

<p>If you go to the SSAT site and log in you should see the delivery date your getting your scores on.</p>

<p>I feel so dumb!!!!!!!
Verbal: 96
Reading: 97
I didn't know I was this horrible at math!!!!!!
Good thing I'm taking it again in January.</p>

<p>^ In total i got an 88.</p>

<p>Yeah I got a 45% in math and my verbal and reading scores were 91 and 97 I think. It wasn't that much of a shocker, I'm not that good at math.</p>

<p>My scores come tomorrow! :D</p>