Decent ECs?

<p>French Club- 4 years
Key Club- 3 years
Yearbook- 4 years/editor-in-chief
Track- 3 years
Mu Alpha Theta- 2 years
NHS- 2 years
Quill&Scroll- 2 years
Not sure exact amount, but average-good volunteer hours; chunk of them at hospital (I want to be Pre-Med)
No specifics listed here, and I know at first (or second) glance they look kind of crappy and unimportant like key club and stuff, buttt tell me what you think :)</p>

<p>It looks great, but how are they all connected? What are your passions? I can't see that through your ECs.</p>

<p>Well track and yearbook would be the main ECs, others are just extra clubs that help me for volunteering and stuff. Hospital volunteering shows my interest in medicine, and although track and yearbook doesn't really have to do with that... they're all three my passion, but only one is my career goal :)</p>

<p>Scratch that.
Forget about Mu Alpha Theta.
And I might also be joing the health club. ;)</p>

<p>they look great, but you need to start showing passion in a certain area. for example if you're interested in business like myself, join BPA or FBLA and DECA, take business related classes, do math related stuff, get a business internship and just show leadership.</p>

<p>Whata you think of these EC's? (Im in 10th now.)</p>

<p>Soccer (8-9)
Track (9-10)
International Club (8-10)
Work (9-10)
Political Campaigns (9-10)
Student Council (9-10)
Peer Mediation (9-10)
Maratime Mueseum Volunteer (8-10)</p>

<p>Any suggestions? My schools EC's are pretty limited im innvolved in almost everything there is. Thanks</p>

<p>gekkouno, i dont think that middle school things (8th grade) is supposed to be included in college resumes, unless of course it's something you've been doing for per se 8 years like an instrument or something.</p>