Decent GPA, Good Everything Else

<p>Current Year: Junior
Ethnicity: Bangladeshi/Singaporean/Caucasian
Family income: $45,000, will apply for FA</p>

<p>GPA: 3.7 - Unweighted
GPA: 4.4 - Weighted
Class Rank: Less than or equal to Top 10% (out of 588, my friends assure me I'm in the top 10. I don't know about that, though)
School: Public, not competetive at all
Course Load: Most rigorous</p>

<p>I have some Bs peppering my transcript, but all of the classes were weighted. I'm not sure if that makes a difference.</p>

<p>SAT I M/CR/W: 730/760/800 = 2290
SAT II MIIC/Chem/Bio: 750/750/800
Will take APs this May in Chem, Bio, Spanish
Will take APs next May in Stats, Calc, Enviro, Phys, Gov (possibly), English
Will take ACT later, if necessary</p>

Varsity Tennis (2 yrs)</p>

President and Founder of:
- Amnesty Int'l chapter (2 yrs)
- Beta Club (3 yrs)
- Computer Club (2 yrs)
- Investment Club (2 yrs)
- Mu Alpha Theta chapter (1 yr)
- Science National Honors Society (1 yr)
Vice-President and Co-Founder of:
- National Honors Society (1 yr)
Chairman of the Board of:
- California Scholarship Federation (2 yrs)
Model United Nations (4 yrs)
COSMOS participant
Investor in stock market
During free time, have researched computers, finance, economics</p>

<p>Volunteering: 300+ Hours of reading to illiterate kids, teaching students how to build/use computers, organizing charities to help save animals' lives, recycling drives, etc.</p>

- Worked a summer at my mother's office
- Mentored by/intership under an investment banker
- Computer building business</p>

Model United Nations:
- Numerous research/performance awards
- Declared "Most Promising Freshman" and "Outstanding Sophomore"
- Only person in class to have won a gavel (Best Delegate)
Academic Booster Club Awards from teachers in mathematics, foreign language
Academic Pins and Letters
Golden Key in Foreign Language (possible - I'll know in May)</p>

I consider myself a fairly able writer. I have already started to plan out my college essays for the applications. One teacher read an article I wrote, showed it to his wife, and called me a "philsopher," so I believe that I am somewhat well-off in this department, not to sound cocky or presumptuous.</p>

I'm not sure, but I'm considering the following:
- Math teacher whose class I excelled in, and I'll have her again next year. She likes me alot, and she had my brother when he was in school.
- Foreign language teacher who really likes me, I also did very well in his class (skipped ahead a year in foreign language), also is an advisor for Beta Club
- Foreign Language teacher who likes me enough, I have really stood out in her AP class with 5% higher grade than the next person
- History/MUN teacher who likes me and respects me, he recognizes that I am an intensely critical thinker and has told me I have lots of potential in my future</p>

<p>So, can you all chance me for the following schools? I am pursuing a major in economics.</p>

U Chicago
Carnegie Mellon
Boston U
UC System (Berkeley, UCI, UCLA)</p>

<p>Are there schools I should add or take off this list? I completely open to anything anyone has to say. Any comments, questions, suggestions, etc. would be greatly appreciated, especially if you have advice on good economics schools.</p>

<p>Could someone please reply?</p>

<p>Bump, again!</p>

<p>I think you have a decent chance at all of these (and a better chance at some farther down on the list). You are pretty well-rounded and clearly demonstrate leadership abilities. If you could apply early, I think you'd have a pretty good chance, but with the whole financial aid thing, I don't know if that would work out.</p>

<p>I think for you it comes down to your essays. If they are truly superb, you could get in to some of the better schools on your list.</p>

<p>Yeah, I felt the same way about my own chances. Pretty good, nothing guaranteed, but I'm going retake the SAT I and II if that helps. Don't know.</p>

<p>You're somewhat like me, just that we don't have as many job oppurtunities here =[</p>

<p>Your GPA is higher though</p>

<p>Oh . . . okay.</p>