Decent pay part-time jobs around campus

<p>Hi, I'm thinking of getting a part-time job to relieve some of the financial burden from my living costs. I am a junior economics major student. Can anyone give some advice where I can start with and which jobs around the campus or on campus has the highest pay? Thanks a lot!</p>

<p>If you don’t have work-study in your financial package, you’ll have a significantly lower chance of finding an on-campus job. That said, try the student employment site for the university libraries (they’re always hiring, and most positions are only work-study PREFERRED):</p>

<p>[Library</a> Student Employment - UC Berkeley](<a href=“Wrong shelf. | UC Berkeley Library”>CAS - Central Authentication Service)</p>

<p>Most on-campus jobs (student assistants, etc.) will pay $10-$12 per hour. The higher-paying jobs are $13-$16 per hour, are usually ones that require specific skill sets such as Java, Flash, HTML, inDesign, or extensive customer service (training/consultant assistants).</p>

<p>Off campus, I don’t know too much about jobs. But the last time I worked in retail, they were paying about $8-10 per hour.</p>

<p>So where can I find the extensive customer service (training/consultant assistants) job on campus? Which department should I contact? Is it better to find a job on campus or off campus? Thank you!~</p>

<p>Check out Callisto every day. There are always new campus job postings.</p>