Decided on Trinity

My daughter decided on Trinity. I’m wondering if anyone else’s kid has decided on Trinity and if so why?

My son is waiting for the last of his decisions. He refuses to rule any university out until they are all in, so Trinity is still being considered.

What was it about Trinity that made your daughter decide to commit @freakiestfern ?

She really liked the school and it was in her top 3. We went down for the towers scholarship and she was offered the scholarship a week later. That pretty much decided things! tShe just heard from the last school (oxy) she applied to today but she would have a lot of debt if she went there.

Where else did your son apply?

I still remember my son stepping on campus in November of his junior year. He loved everything about the school. With a 35 ACT and 50 hours of DC classes, he wanted to explore options, but thought Trinity would be his home. He too chose to wait to hear from Rice. Although he was wait listed at Rice, I’m not sure he would have accepted it anyway. Trinity University has a 1.35 BILLION endowment for 640 students per class. They only hire PhD’s to teach the classes. The CSI building is rated as 8th best in the nation, and the dorm rooms are huge. The one on one research opportunities are excellent. My son received full tuition at one school, but will end up choosing Trinity University. This year Trinity received 8,500 applications for 640 spots. The acceptance rate dropped to 35%. Trinity’s stats are going up each year. I think Trinity is a hidden gem in Texas, and a wonderful place for students to attend.

@freakiestfern Sorry for the late reply. Congratulations on the Towers Scholarship for your D! That is a great enticement. My son was offered one of the smaller scholarships. Next weekend we are visiting CU Boulder, where he was also accepted for CS. He has visited, but it is different when you are actually in and considering it. It will be interesting to see how he likes the large campus environment. Trinity has been doing a good job keeping in touch with him, so he has not dismissed them as an option.

I don’t want to be a square, but I sure would not let my young adult go to a school in Colorado. Their applications statewide have doubled since they legalized marijuana. They are attracting young people that want to imbibe. There are some terrific schools in Colorado, but that just adds another unnecessary challenge, IMO. I admit I am conservative and protective as a parent.

Good luck to him! My daughter was just saying yesterday how relieved she is to know where she’s going. She has a lot of stressed friends!

Thanks @DisneyMom99! I hope it’s a great fit for my daughter like it is for your son!

Getting closer… My son wants one last look, so we’re attending Trinity 360 mid-month. Trinity and San Antonio are far from home, so he’s taking his time, but I think his heart has been at Trinity since our first visit a year ago.

Where are you from?

We live in Northern California, so San Antonio is a bit of a hike!

My daughter is going to Trinity next year as well. We’ll be at the Admitted Tiger Day tomorrow. We’re in Texas, so we’ve been able to visit Trinity a couple of times over the last two years. When the college process started she thought for sure that her top pick would be Rhodes, in Memphis, but after her second Trinity visit it moved to the top of the list and stayed there. I’m not sure there’s any rhyme or reason to why a college is a great fit for a kid, but Trinity is just a perfect fit for her. She’s also my more homebody kid and I think she likes just being a couple of hours from home.

Has your child decided @hubtocali? We are from Washington state so a hike for us as well!

We just got back from Trinity 360. My son is all in - as I think he has been since his first visit a year ago. I think he just wanted to take his time. His path will differ from most of his high school classmates (lots of UCs), but he’s so happy and excited every time he has been on Trinity’s campus, that it’s clearly the school that won his heart. This overnight visit and Trinity 360 only solidified his choice. We’re looking forward to visiting San Antonio and poking around a bit in Texas!

Congratulations @hubtocali and @freakiestfern - Trinity has been a great place for my D16, she is very happy there.

Just returned from Trinity’s Parents’ Weekend followed by a one week driving trip around Texas Hill Country. It was great to see how well our freshman son has settled in to classes, extracurriculars, and socially. Trinity seems to be a wonderful match for him, and I’d like to encourage anyone who is remotely interested in the school to visit. The campus and community really impressed us. It was a bit of a leap of faith to go from the Bay Area to San Antonio, but we have not been disappointed. Great school - check it out!

@hubtocali We are are visiting tomorrow with DD19. Right now Trinity is in the top two for her, but hoping this visit might bring it to the number 1. Glad to hear how well your son has adjusted especially from California. We are from Missouri, so the out of state experience is important to us.

Hope you enjoy your visit. If you have any questions, feel free to PM me. My son was really taken with Trinity after our first visit and his experience has been overwhelmingly positive to date. His classes are small, interesting, engaging, and challenging. He’s jumped into a number of activities both on and off campus. He’s connected with kids in his dorm, in both official and impromptu clubs, and in classes. So far, so great.

@hubtocali - I wish I had checked Trinity’s calendar and realized Friday was part of Fall Break. My DD did meet with the head of the program she is interested in and was very impressed. She was happy about his description of how classes were taught as he talked about how the goal is not memorization of facts but critical thinking on the subject matter. The chocolate festival was a definite draw!:wink: If she is accepted she will have to come back again to sit in on a class and most importantly see how the students interact with each other. After academics, her most important criteria is being in an environment where students are accepting and support one another. She does not want to go to a school that foster competitiveness between students. She liked that they did not grade on the bell curve as that is definietly a sign of fostering competitiveness. If I have questions, I will definitely take you up on your offer. For now, fingers crossed that she is accepted!

My niece graduated from Trinity. She loved her time there and was very successful in finding a job. She has an outstanding job in San Antonio now and was very happy with her education!