Deciding between BU and Case Western

<p>I was admitted to Boston University (CAS) and Case Western Reserve and I'm having a hard time choosing between the two. I will be majoring in biology (or some variation of biology) and I definitely want to be involved in research as an undergrad (I'm thinking about becoming a biomedical scientist). Currently, I'm leaning towards BU, mainly due to location (Boston is a pretty sweet college town).</p>

<p>Which school do you think I should go to?</p>

<p>Which do you think is better in terms of food, dorms, bio departments, research opportunities, things to do in the area, etc?</p>

<p>If there was one reason you wouldn't go to Case Western or BU, what would that reason be?</p>

<p>For graduates of Case Western and BU, how are your job prospects? How has the school made it easier for you to get a job (or not)?</p>

<p>Thanks in advance!</p>

<p>Have you visited both schools?</p>

<p>Unfortunately, I'm unable to visit either college :P</p>

<p>@‌ asphodel95
I was deciding between Case and BU also and already made the decision that I'll come to Case. I don't have the chance to visit the 2 schools either.</p>

<p>So BU gave me more money than Case does (Case gimme lots of money too!), but Boston is just too far away from home and it's too expensive to live there.
And actually I don't really wanna live in the shadow of Harvard & MIT....LOL </p>

<p>I'm going to do Engineering. BU has a slightly higher ranking than Case for Engineering, but it doesn't matter to me. I just think Case is a better choice for me (less party, less cost, more academic?)</p>

<p>And Case has a Univ Circle, which is a real CAMPUS to me.... I got accepted by BU and GW with almost full ride, but unfortunately I don't like the idea that the schools cannot distinguish themselves from the rest of the city. BU and GW are both "city schools"- they put little flags on their buildings to tell people "this is my property", which is not what I really like... it depends on u!</p>

<p>So ya, I gave up BU's $60k to go to Case, but this is my personal opinion. It's up to you! Good luck!</p>

Actually, for undergraduate engineering, I believe that Case is rated slightly higher than BU (35 vs. 53) in the 2014 US News rankings. Is it possible that you are looking at the graduate school rankings? However, you're definitely right that Case has more of a traditional campus than BU. </p>

<p>To the OP: biomedical engineering is one of the strongest programs of study at Case. There are an abundance of research opportunities for students. In terms of location, I think that Cleveland is a better place than many people assume but, in all honesty, it's not in Boston's league as a city. Case and BU are both terrific schools. You really can't make a bad choice here. </p>

<p>Glad to read these comments. My daughter is also deciding between BU, Case, GW and Villanova. Odd mix I will admit. We have a planned visit to Case next week and just returned from BU today. My sister is a BU alum and loved it. BU did not give her a dime, Case gave a nice scholarship as did GW. So, that might tilt it towards Case if she likes the campus. Still, Boston is a great college city......</p>

<p>There are some great videos on the BU website for admitted students. Take a look at those if you cannot visit. </p>

<p>@laurapb23 Are you planning on attending GW as well?!! I applied to GW too and also got a great scholarship.</p>

<p>I live right next to GW and my dad was a professor there. Have u visited? If not I can tell u something about it!</p>

<p>(Sorry I'm just excited that someone has the same "odd mix" as mine here! I know this is CWR's place... Love CWR! ) :P </p>

<p>@yammynug. I am the parent so ultimately it is my daughter's decision. We will support her decision for any school and fortunately do not need to make a decision solely on finances. Right now Villanova is in the lead but we have yet to visit CWRU. Reputation wise, I like CWRU and they gave her some money. She is concerned with the political activism of GW students- that is not her thing. Also we live in NJ and know this is a big school for students from this state. She may want to get away from that (so not sure why she likes Nova ?:)</p>

<p>@laurapb23 LOL Best wishes anyway. I'm not sure if I would fit in the GW community either. I live in Nova so people around me all think it's great just to stay in DC, but I actually wanna leave here. People look at me in a slightly weird way when I say I probably will go to Cleveland....</p>

<p>Comparison of Boston and Cleveland. I lived for nine years in Cambridge and visited Cleveland twice, (CWRU visits with my son) each time staying four nights, and believe it or not, University Circle Cleveland reminds me a lot of Cambridge, MA. They both have city markets (Haymarket for Boston, and West Side Market for Cleveland). Same busy urban feel, same totally nasty winter weather (Boston is HORRIBLE for windy cold and grey!) same large churches and small streets and neighborhoods. The main difference is Cleveland has three universities plus Oberlin out a ways, and Cambridge/Boston has about 100 universities. I would say public transportation is slightly better in Boston, and that for things to do, Boston is slightly more youthful and active city. But surprisingly Cleveland is a close second, with the art and music scene, as well as the ethnic restaurants and neighborhoods like Little Italy. The North End in Boston is OK, but a good T ride away from most student campuses. Case students walk to Little Italy. Cleveland is quite good for classical music in particular, for spectator sports, and for nice greenways and trails including a National Park just a few miles south of Cleveland. Boston has the playground of New Hampshire and Vermont, very accessible to students with cars.
Boston has the wharf, but the rudeness in Boston might disturb some Midwesterners and westerners. Overall, Cleveland is way more friendly than Boston to outsiders. Both cities are diverse racially. </p>

<p>Just got back from a visit to Cleveland and while it is smaller than Boston, I was very pleasantly surprised- and so was my daughter. She is definitely leaning towards CWRU at this point. The students- contrary to what she thought- were friendly and very helpful. She did the overnight and absolutely loved the experience. She was up until 2AM talking with other students and had a chance to see the upper class housing that she said was gorgeous. We also stopped into a sorority house and the women there could not have been nicer. </p>

<p>I have spent a lot of time in Boston both on business and for pleasure. We live outside of NYC so the bar is set pretty high in terms of things to do in a city. However, as Coloradomama noted, Cleveland really is not the pit many people think it is. They have some great restaurants and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (CWRU get a free ticket each semester) is outstanding. We rode the bus to get to Michael Symon’s restaurant and had no problems- other than getting through a HUGE line outside of the House of Blues where people were waiting to get in. There is also a beautiful park right at Case. I thought the area near Case was very clean and the campus had tons more green space than BU. </p>

<p>My daughter is now down to BU and CWRU and based on what she is saying, I am thinking that CWRU is going to be “the one”. It helps us tremendously that she received a merit scholarship from CWRU and nothing from BU. Not even a loan. </p>

<p>I grew up in the Boston area and attended BU as an evening grad student (MANY years ago LOL) and now live in the Midwest with a son attending CWRU. Both cities have a lot of advantages - Boston has pretty good public transportation (Green line is the pits) and is fairly walkable but Case students have easy access to downtown Cleveland and there are a lot of restaurants, etc. very close to campus. Both have museums, sports and concert facilities. As mentioned above, winters are tough at both! Case has a much prettier campus area - much more of a collegiate feel and class sizes are smaller. Cleveland has a bit more “East coast” feel than other Midwestern cities but it is a much friendlier community than Boston (I can say that having lived and worked professionally in Boston!).</p>

<p>My son, currently a sophomore at Case was admitted also to Boston U. The reason he chose Case was he liked the campus feel and green space at Case. It didn’t hurt that Case is known for Engineering and Sciences. Case offered him lots of $. Boston would not budge and also on Admitted Students day at BU, parents were encouraged to visit the Financial Aid Office to discuss their “package”. Well, I found BU financial aid office, rude and off putting. Basically, they handed me a pamphlet about additional loans I could apply for. </p>

<p>We did not like the big tower of congestion where most freshmen live. Up the escalators, packed with students, cramming through a security check at the door. My son did not like the campus, which seemed mostly of long straight blocks down the city. However, Boston with its restaurants and city amenities was very attractive. Case had better dorms, better dining services and more $ to offer. </p>

<p>My son has been to take advantage of so many things at Case. He joined the Wind Symphony as an extracurricular activity, was able to get nominated for CWRU Alumni Scholarship and won $5k, unbeknownst to him as to who nominated him; and has joined a Frat in his Soph/Spring semester, joined an Acapella group all while being an engineer major and obtain a job. I feel that at Case, he was able to take advantage of more things than he would of at Boston. He definitely would have spent more on food with all the tempting restaurants. Perhaps he would have been also tempted by all available socialization with all the different colleges? He also was able to obtain a research/design position last summer as a Freshman, which is unusual for Freshmen at any college,</p>

<p>I think. Case is pumping $ into students and new buildings, with a new Student Center opening this Fall and a new Athletic Ctr, next Spring. New upper class dorms also opening in Fall. So I think we made a very good choice.</p>

<p>Back in the day I got one of those alumni scholarship from Case too! Also came out of the blue…it was less $$ but still about 10% of the bill…sure don’t hurt!</p>

<p>My daughter committed to CWRU. We could not be happier. </p>

<p>Congratulations to your D @laurapb23 ! I hope she loves Case as much as my D does!</p>