Deciding between Princeton AI4ALL, MathILy-er, CSIRE

For summer before 11th grade.

All three are remote this summer so field trips and facilities are not a factor and also not sure how much the “personality” of each will come through on remote. All three look like a great, fun experience.

Princeton AI4ALL: AI is a strong interest. Looks like there is a good “alumni network.” Has anyone been? Do you get a chance to code your own project?

MathILy-er: Like the vibe of the program (but not sure how much that will come through in remote) and love mathematics but probably will not be a mathematics major.

CSIRE at Stony Brook: Looks like actual research; could get assigned to machine learning or robotics but won’t know until later; longest of the three

Thank you for sharing any experiences or thoughts/advice!

I’m not the most qualified to give advice, so take whatever I say with a grain of salt. Just thought you might appreciate some not-terrible advice, I don’t know.

  1. Princeton AI4All
    I don’t know much about this program. It’s quite costly; I know that CMU’s AI4All program is good, but that’s because it’s selective/free. Good program, but the price is very high. Not everyone can normally afford $6500.
  2. MathILy-er
    A fairly prestigious and intellectually engaging program, but you might get bored if you’re not too interested in mathematics. It’s up to you on this one. Strong program, but without interest, you won’t do well in it.
  3. CSIRE at Stony Brook
    A classmate/old friend did this program in our HS underclassman years, said it was a challenging and fun experience. Low student to professor ratio, you’ll get individual help if you need it. I personally am leaning toward this one, but only because I’ve actually heard an irl good rating about it.
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