Deciding between State Flagship or Big(ger) Name School?

Raffi Melkonian (@RMFifthCircuit) an appellate attorney on the Fifth Circuit just ran a series of posts for college students considering law school. He posted

The rest of the comments all agreed that on the merits of 1) little / no debt and 2) study where you want to live.

@collegemom3717 Can you direct me to this writes of posts? I haven’t had any luck locating them. Thank you!

@RMFifthCircuit is a Twitter handle- search his posts for the original post (what I posted is a straight quote, which will help you find the thread)

I would preface the comment “study where you want to live” with “if considering law schools outside of the T-14 law schools”.

@collegemom3717 - Thx for the heads up. (He is a funny guy, too. I just read some of his tweets.)