Deciding between UT Austin and Baylor University

I’m an admitted OOS student to both UT and Baylor. I got accepted to Baylor’s Science Research Fellows program, and I’m waiting on a response for UT’s Freshman Research Initiative program. I’m planning on following the premed track while doing biochem in UT or the SRF major at Baylor.

UT will be a lot more expensive for the first two years(since I got no aid), but my family may move and qualify for in-state for the last two years. I prefer UT’s student life and Austin’s resources, but the SRF program sounds promising. Which of the two colleges seems to be more of a viable option in the long run?

It takes a full year to establish parental residency as it stands, your parents would have to move while you are pretty much a freshman to get 2 yrs instate, there is always the possibility that instate tuition rules change. Texas is going to be hit very hard in the financial downturn. Do not count any chickens.
So you have no aid from UT, how much is Baylor? Where are you instate? As premed, it is always worth looking at free undergrad, while knowing that the vast majority of kids thinking about premed never get to med school.


Hi, I was also accepted to Baylor Science Research Fellows (+ premed) and to UT’s Health Science Scholars (auto admitted to FRI). I liked the sincere attention that Baylor was paying the SRF students, so that you could have your pick of labs, mentors, and therefore be great applicants for medical school. I think Baylor has a good premed program that sends students to good medical schools. UT is very large so it can be competitive to get what you want. I liked their honors programs (HSS and Plan2) so I was also considering them before I got into a competitive program at Baylor yesterday. I have been looking into these schools for literally months so I can help you with pros and cons if you’d like.


My D was accepted to both schools and is pre-med as well. They are both excellent but two entirely different college experiences. Also agree with @Sybylla. Do not assume future residency. What are the cost differences now? Is that a factor going forward? If you end up being full pay at UT for 4 years is that doable?

You will get a great education at either school. Congrats on two great acceptances. Especially UT as an OOS. Not an easy feat.

Especially UT as an OOS. Not an easy feat.<<<<<<<<<<<

Right, and full pay is the advantage here, but this admission would indicate to me that OP would have got a huge deal at UTD, or other less desirable good state schools making his undergrad almost free or at least tuition free. Baylor would need to be a bargain to walk away from free or near free.

@Sybylla. I agree. I am not advocating either school. Both are great choices. OP needs to assess the finances. I have not read his/her posts to know if UTD was considered but that would have been a terrific choice as well.

Baylor vs. UT?

Two very different schools.

Are you somewhat conservative Christian and want to surround yourself with likeminded students? Are you fine with Waco as your main home base? Your medical shadowing and research will likely be limited to what the university has to offer. The surrounding medical community is somewhat limited.

Are you more liberal and do you enjoy having hiking, water sports and a much more vibrant night life scene? Then UT Austin is a better choice. UT Austin will definitely be more competitive as it attracts a much stronger admissions class than Baylor. You will have many more hospitals available for shadowing and research.

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So what other schools are in play? It doesn’t seem like it could possibly be just UT Vs Baylor.

Would like to know more on baylor SRF. My d is also wanting to do premed and looking at baylors SRF. would you mind sharing the percentage of kids from SRF who get admitted to med school from baylor. Also what kind of stats do they need to get admitted into SRF and how many spots they have every year…how competitive it is

I realize this is an old post but my senior is in this same situation now (SRF vs UT). Wondering which you chose & how its going if you don’t mind sharing?