Deciding if I should take the ACT. Help me out please.

<p>Ok so I heard the ACT is easier. I also heard its easier if your a math/science person and I am. I'm always hearing on CC that most east coast (Thats where I want to go) colleges "Prefer" the SAT. Ok so does that mean ill get less of a chance of getting admitted if I take the ACT? Assuming I do just as well as if i did the SAT.</p>


<p>When colleges say they "prefer" the sat, does that mean those who take it will get a better chance of admission? Why do they "prefer" it anyway?</p>


<p>I remember tokenadult putting out a challenge to all of CC to find a college that preferred the SAT over the ACT. I don't remember anyone finding any that preferred the SAT.</p>

<p>If you are able to perform better on the ACT, then take that test.</p>

<p>Taking the ACT over the SAT shouldn't hinder admissions.. I know someone who took the ACT and was accepted to a number of very nice colleges. You will need to check with the requirements of the specific college though. Every college is different. The college might require you to take the ACT with Writing in order for it to substitute for the SAT.</p>

<p>i would highly recommend taking the act. there is no proof whatsoever that any college prefers one over the other.</p>

<p>personally, i started with a 1800 sat, and studied my way up to a 2050. i took the act for the heck of it, and ended up with a 33. the act is alot more straightforward, has no vocab, and doesnt try to trick you like the sat does. good luck!</p>

<p>It doesn't hinder admissions. At each of the roughly 20 schools I've visited, every admissions officer was asked and said OR said that ACTs and SATs are regarded equally (neither is preferred). Myself, I got a 2120 (1410) and a 31 ACT. It's actually pretty consistent, in my case.</p>

<p>If I remember right, tokenadult's post eventually found one school which wouldn't accept the ACT. It wasn't a school that I'd ever heard of before. The ACT isn't easier. It's just different.</p>

<p>take both the SAT and ACT if you could, send whichever is higher. colleges do not prefer one over the other. actually, there are some schools who do not require you to send SAT2 scores if you send in the ACT score. ACT is not necessarily easier. Some perform better on the ACT, some on the SAT, and for some it does not really make a difference, they score high on both (plenty of those here in CC).</p>

<p>If you think you'll do well on the ACT, do not take the SAT. The SAT score will be sent to the colleges you later choose to sent your SAT subject test results to. Take the ACT before taking the SAT. If you think the ACT is a good test for you and feel that you might be able to do better a second time, then retake the ACT multiple times to improve your original mark without designating any universities as score recepients. Send your best mark to universities. Make sure your ACT includes writing.</p>

<p>are you from the east coast, or from the midwest?</p>

<p>i feel as being from the midwest, i am more prepared for ACT style tests taking standardized tests like that all throughout grade school. i got a 31 on it the first time, and a 32 the second. i am applying to all big 10 schools so it doesn't matter. i was actually registered to take the may 3rd SAT but i am not. my PSAT scores only predicted a 1740. </p>

<p>i must admit though the science probably helped raised my composite a lot; i got a 33 on it both times. there obviously is no equivalent to that on the SAT.</p>

<p>You should take the ACT plus writing.</p>

<p>I had a 27 composite on my highest ACT, which is like a 1830 on the SAT.
On the SAT, I received a 1640. That was almost a 200 point difference.</p>

<p>Also, region does have some influence to test taking. In California, most people take the SAT, but the vocab section gets most people. That's why I only took the SAT once.</p>