Deciding My Future Today, Advice Please (Canadian Univ)

<p>I am going to decide which university I go today, here is the rundown:</p>

<pre><code> Schalorship Tuition Total Living Expense

<p>Univ. of Ottawa $3500 $5000 $12000
McMaster Univ. $2000 $6000 $12000
Univ. of Toronto $0 $8000 $12000</p>

<p>I don?t really care about the scholarships, is only about 10K over four year, not that much.</p>

<p>I am mainly worried about the difficulty of courses and competition.
I know that UofT is the best university for me, but will UofT have way harder courses and more competition than McMaster?

<p>If you know it's the right place for you, then go there!</p>


<p>seems people like UofT, I just hope is not too hard...</p>

<p>U of T has great resources if you don't mind sharing the campus with ~40,000+ undergrad + more grad students.</p>

<p>Again, if you know the school's the best for you, attend it.</p>

<p>Worth noting: Depends on what you're studying as well, some univs are better known for other programs!</p>

<p>U of Toronto is a really good school. While it may be difficult, you will make tons of friends and you will expand your mind exponentially.</p>