Deciding on Major: Engineering VS Business?

<p>OK im either going to UC davis/UCSB/Cal poly SLO. Trying to decide on engineering or business.</p>

<p>Engineering- The good stuff: well respected major. Math Orientated :)m interesting stuff. wide range of job opportunities available. Good starting salaries. could lead to interesting, rewarding, fun careers.
Cons: Very difficult and time consuming. jobs seem to be getting resourced out to other countries.....</p>

<p>QUESTION: Is it true that engineers don't normally make over 100K salaries? I heard that the job opportunities are solid, and the pay is solid at around 40K to 60K, however, i heard engineers never make it BIG meaning 6 figure salaries?</p>

<p>Business: The Good Stuff: Easy Major. Wide range of job opportunities available. Good starting salaries. Potential to be making a lot of money!!! (accounting, management, investment banking.)</p>

<p>Cons: jobs in accounting are beginning to be outsourced. material doesn't seem challenging/boring. job seems kind of boring. </p>

<p>I guess that battle is this: engineering is a solid major that can be fun (problem solving) however the salaries $$ arent huge (still decent). Business is rather boring, not exciting, but salaries have the potential to be huge. </p>

<p>Note: i plan on not going to grad school, 4 yr. BS or BA and then im off to the real world.</p>