Deciding SAT 2 subject tests - help!

<p>Hi everyone, I will be taking the SAT 2 in december or january. However, I really really am stuck with choosing which subject tests I should take. Well, I have decided to take Writing and Math 2C for sure. But for someone who doesn't do US or world history, and someone who doesn't do chemistry or biology, what is the best choice for the last subject test? I'm thinking literature but I don't think i'm that capable of it anyway.. ugh and I can't do physics!</p>

<p>I heard Chemistry is pretty ez. I know people who only studied off a prep book and got 700+. You should give that a try because, in my opinion, Literature is terrifyingly hard!</p>

<p>yeah but the thing is, i don't do chemistry.... i know like really basic things about it</p>

<p>chem is (from what i've heard) one of the hardest sat ii tests (it is, and probably will be, my lowest score)</p>

<p>what about foreign language? probably without the listening comprehension part. but you also have until dec/jan to decide and you can change the tests that you take on that day (except writing and foreign language w/ listening)</p>

<p>Have you tried the sample lit questions on</p>

<p>I am taking Writing, Lit, and Math IIC.</p>

<p>no not really, but i feel like i would benefit from taking other subjects besides lit</p>

<p>if you're naturally good at math.... buy two SAT2 physics prep books now (barrons/PR), study a lot, take many practice tests, and you'll get 750+</p>

<p>I'd do Writing, a math one, and then one of your choice.</p>

<p>the 'one of my choice' is hard to make!:(</p>

<p>Maybe buy/borrow a real sat ii book and see which you do the best on.. there's lit in there and other might want to borrow a subject book after deciding which subject to self-study</p>