Deciding to transfer from Baruch due to low gpa

<p>As an accounting major in Baruch College, I screwed up having a 1.5 gpa and 27 credits. I don't know if I should stay and try to bring my gpa up, because I heard that the minimum gpa to get hired by the big four is a 3.3 or higher. I'm deciding whether to transfer to a community college for a fresh start and the transfer to another 4 year college such as Hunter is a better alternative to staying in Baruch and trying to bring my gpa back up. Also, I've heard that if I do decide to transfer, if applying for a job at the big four, they would want gpa from all schools I've attended. Like say the gpa of the school I graduated from is 3.4. the 1.5 gpa from Baruch would be averaged into the3.4. Is that true? Thanks</p>

<p>I don't think they would average it, but they might ask about your time at Baruch. If I were you I would stay there, retake a few courses and bring up my GPA. But thats your call.</p>

<p>I agree hahahahah, Baruch seems very selective and getting into it was probably a great achievement for you......Stay and bring up that grade.</p>

<p>I don't think Baruch would allow me to retake courses that I passed. Couldn't get rid of those Ds. So I guess staying and trying to bring the gpa up is the better choice. Though I don't know if I could get it over 3.0 so I could stand a chance to be hired by the Big Four.</p>