Deciding what SAT2 scores to send

<p>Hello all, I just received my SAT2 scores today online (780 US History and 750 Biology E) and was wondering which scores to send. Last year, I had taken the Math II (740) and Chemistry (710). Since I am looking into some Ivy League schools, I was debating on whether to send my 710 in addition to my other 3 scores. I know that most Ivies require 3 SAT2 scores, but would showing that I took the chemistry SAT2 be beneficial or detrimental to my application. My thought process is that it is a fairly low score, but perhaps including it would provide admissions offices a basis for understanding my grades in the class. Maybe all of this analysis is simply overkill, but I am curious as to what CC has to say on the matter :D.</p>

<p>All ivies require only two SAT IIs. Georgetown is the only college that requires three. In your case, there is no harm in sending all.</p>