Deciding Where to Study Abroad

Hello,everyone. I’m looking for some advice.

I’m going into my junior year of college, as a double Writing Arts/International Studies major. I’m looking to study abroad in the Spring 2019 semester, and I’m having trouble deciding where. I want a program where all the courses I take count towards my majors’ requirements, which is especially hard and important with a double major.

Frankly I’m torn between a couple programs in France, and some in Italy. I have taken 2 semesters and will be taking a third of French, and no Italian, though I took Latin in high school, including AP Latin. My IS advisor strongly advises me to go to France or a French-speaking country, understandably, though the programs I’ve found in Italy seem to have more courses I find interesting and would fit my requirements.

Anyone who has any ideas, I’d love to hear, especially from anyone who’s studied in France and/or Italy. Thank-you so much! (and merci and graize)