Deciding which California university to transfer to?

<p>Hey there! So I will be transferring in the spring semester of 2015 and I'm trying to figure out which California university is the best fit for me. I am a California resident from the LA area. I am aware the options for spring admission are limited so I am deciding between LMU, Chapman University, Chico State, SFSU, UC Merced and possibly CSU Fullerton. I am a business major and have a GPA of 3.8. I am involved in student government, clubs, and volunteer work. I am also working part time in customer service. I am just trying to figure out which school is the best fit for me. I love school spirit and do want to be involved in greek life. I am a city girl but wouldn't mind a small town. Whatever is best for my major and career opportunities after graduation. I'm looking for the most reputable school overall that has school spirit and good academics because I am a hard worker. I really appreciate any thoughts and I thank you for taking your time to read this! </p>

<p>Is there a particular reason you want to be a Spring transfer? Fall would give you more options, it might give you better chances at some schools, and you wouldn’t have to deal with being the new kid halfway through the year.</p>

<p>In terms of finding the best fit, is visiting the campuses an option? You could get a feel for the school first hand, instead of relying on internet strangers. :P</p>

<p>Thanks! And definitely fall provides more options as I would apply to UC’s and perhaps USC. Why I was thinking spring is because I have been at a community college for two years and I’m ready to transfer but missed the deadline for fall 2014, and do want to get into my undergraduate program asap. I always have grad school too. Out of the schools I did list for spring 2015, I’m wondering which is most reputable and has the most school spirit and best campus surrounding? I can visit the schools, but I’m not sure a campus visit will let me see how involved students are in their school. If anyone is or was enrolled in these schools, I would love your input! </p>

<p>For Business I would goto USC or Haas. LMU and Chapman may be worth it depending on your financial situation. At any lower tier schools such as CSUF I would do accounting. If you are okay with Economics than UCLA Business-Economics would be another major to look at. Spring transfer really limits you tho. </p>

<p>*My personal opinion as a 3.8 GPA Business Major too. </p>

<p>I don’t need to worry about my financial situation. Would you consider LMU or Chapman to be tower tier schools? Anybody know anything on UC Merced? I don’t think I will attend Fullerton, because if I’m going to be in orange county I much rather choose Chapman because it seems classes are much smaller and greek life is big at Chapman also. I’m worried about SFSU because it seems there isn’t a lot of involvement on campus and it’s more of a commuter school? I’m not big on being constantly surrounded by hippies and drugs either. So that leaves LMU, Chapman, UC Merced, and Chico State. I like the idea of Merced because it has a UC title but then again I have not visited and it’s the lowest ranked UC. Chico State has gotten selective with an admission rate of 62%. Why I like the idea of Chico is because of the social life and pretty campus. I’m not sure of the opportunities after college, and also how it’s looked upon. LMU is right in the heart of LA and I think would be awesome for business and internship opportunities. And I wonder if Chapman, although in Orange County, only 30 minutes away from LA and I have a car, would also be great? I worry about Merced and Chico because of being in a small town, I wonder about getting a job and going to graduate school afterwards. Any help is still very much appreciated!!</p>

<p>Any thoughts?</p>

<p>Anyone last input? </p>