Decision between Duke & Northwestern

<p>D has recently been accepted to the Doctor of Physical Therapy which is in the Medical Schools at both Duke and Northwestern. She's trying to choose one and having difficulty as there are pros/cons to each, but program differences don't appear to be significant. </p>

<p>Besides the very obvious difference in day-to-day living (Chicago vs Durham NC), any other thoughts I might share with her?</p>

<p>Both are outstanding programs and she's really struggling with a decision.</p>

<p>It would appear that Duke's Medical School is more "prestigious" but we don't really know how important that is longer term? Does it matter?</p>

<p>Thanks for any insights you may have!</p>

<p>congratulations. do you mind if i ask you what your stats are? i am considering applying to duke for PT as well and can't find too much info on PT programs in general. thanks.</p>

<p>In a field such as PT, thinking about prestige, especially between two highly ranked programs, is a waste of time.</p>

<p>It might be more important to think about where she wants to practice when finished. If she's interesting in working in the mid-atlantic or south, Duke then. Midwest? Northwestern. Anywhere else, it does not matter.</p>