decision date

<p>any information about the decision date?
thx! waiting anxiously...</p>

<p>According to the CC Admissions Notifications thread, decisions are mailed March 26th. I couldn’t find anything to support that on the website though.</p>

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<p>I think they’re mailing on March 21st this year. </p>

<p>My main question is: do they also post their decisions online on our MyWellesley accounts?</p>

<p>They don’t post online unless you’re ED or EE. RD is mail only. How are you sure that it’s coming out on the 21st? Usually Wellelsey releases things on Friday. ED and EE both came out on a Friday this yr.</p>

<p>They’re mailing on the 21st! I received an email from Wellesley saying so. I don’t think it was an email sent to the masses, as it requested a different postal address from me. </p>

<p>Will Wellesley post decisions online for international students? (I’m an intl)</p>

<p>^^ same question!
By ‘mailing’ do you mean snail mailing or email? Because it might take weeks to reach international applicants by snail mail!</p>

<p>And I am curious about how they make sure that the applicants get their mail package if they don’t do anything to confirm it with them? I mean sometimes the package may lost on the road( sometimes it really happens) And will they do something for rejected ones?</p>

<p>They asked for my postal address, so I assume they’re sending out decisions by post on that day. Last year they notified intl RD applicants online and and sent a separate letter/package by snail mail. However, I haven’t heard anything of them giving out results to intls online this year. :(</p>

<p>It’s weird that I didn’t receive anything from Wells. Moreover, I have sent a email to ad office weeks ago and they didn’t give a reply even until now. lol And twosday
, are you a intl too?</p>

<p>I’m also a intl. And I get a possible in EE. Maybe we could call and ask. Only seven days left…hope there’s an email</p>

<p>Ohnooo. Snail mail= a lot more worry about it getting lost in the transit.
@Smilence- aren’t the results out on 26th? How is that 7 days? I hope they email too! :)</p>

<p>Also, all the best everyone! :smiley: Let’s hope we all get good news!</p>

<p>Wellesley’s Portal posted that the official decision date is 21 March 2012 (5:00 pm, EST). Good luck to all applicants</p>

<p>Everyone can check the decision on line at 5:00 p.m. on 21 March 2012.</p>

<p>I am an international applicant…the decision will be posted online March 21, 2012 through email. Good Luck to everyone!</p>

<p>Yep, I just got the mail as well.
Thanks everyone, and all the best to you too! :D</p>

<p>I got an email too. Good luck girls, hope we have good news on 21th</p>

<p>Thanks, all the best to you too! :)</p>

<p>Good luck everyone! :slight_smile: Just about another day…</p>

<p>Have the ED statistics for Wellesley been posted this year?
Anyone know what is their acceptance rate usually?</p>

<p>surprised there aren’t more posts with less than 24 hours to go. so nervous/excited! good luck everyone!</p>

<p>^^Me too! ATB to you as well :slight_smile:

  • aaah so nervous! :frowning: * I’m trying very hard not to think about it!</p>