decision date?

i applied early action, does anyone know when the notification date is? and if its done through email or do they mail a letter home?

I think they mailed notifications last year. It is on rolling notification, usually starting in January. Last year, we didn’t hear until March 1, although we had already made reservations to travel to FL for accepted student event. My son had expected to hear much earlier. You can look at last year’s admission thread here to see that a lot of kids were sweating it out. They notified in-state students first, and were later than they had indicated they will be. If you’re getting antsy, you might ask your counselor if he or she would be willing to check in with NCF. They sent an e-mail to my son’s college counselor last year, shortly before sending him his acceptance package. They thanked her for recommending my son, and said they “were looking forward to reviewing his application.”

@woogzmama‌ thanks for your response. i applied on 10/27/2014 and i find that its taking very long for them to notify me of a decision, especially since i applied early and im an in- state student. i checked the facebook page and it does seem like they have started sending letters out. ill contact them in march if i do not hear back from them in any way. best of luck to your son wherever hes attending college!

My son is now a first-year student at New College. Although he submitted an application by the priority deadline in the fall, he did not hear until March 1. I think the in-state students began hearing in February. You can look at the thread from last year, to get an idea. Most of the students expected notifications in January, but NCF didn’t mail them until later.

thats great! how does he like the college? i was accepted to UF last friday and since my brother goes there, my parents want me to be gator too. However, i still want a liberal arts education in a small environment which is why im interested in new college


Rolling, next round is in March

My son seems to be enjoying NCF quite a bit. He applied to many colleges, ranging from huge universities to small liberal arts schools. NCF’s financial package, even for a non-resident, was too good to pass up (it was cheaper than our own state flagship college). He likes being away from Northeastern winters, especially this year, and hasn’t even complained too much about the food. He has a car (he wouldn’t have been able to afford one at a more expensive college), and so he can go off and explore other parts of FL and take interesting road-trips. He is politically active, and has been able to dive right into some campaign and internship opportunities nearby. You can still root for the Gators, can’t you? It’s not as if NCF will force you to switch team loyalties (other than for the Sailing team).

Have any of you heard?

nope. my mom called them a week ago because the accepted students day was on the 14th and she wanted to know if i would be receiving a decision in time to attend the event. they told her that my application had not been reviewed yet.

How frustrating, ems124; good luck!